Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Lesbian Fantasy

I've always found the male fantasy involving Lesbians to be a bit odd.  I think it gets even more odd when it involves a Dominant Lesbian(s).  I was thinking about this a bit and just what it is about it that gives such a deep draw to this fantasy.

On the outset I feel that women are inherently beautiful creatures and the merging of sensuous forms is aesthetically pleasing.  On another basic level, women are poly-orgasmic and a pair in the throngs of pleasure are definitely arousing.

These explain the typical male Lesbian fantasy but don't cover the submissive aspects of it.  This is what I find more interesting and it again falls into a "bitten off more than he could chew" type of a fantasy.  So why exactly does the Dominant Lesbian idea provide arousal for so many?

In my own case, the root of it lies in the fact that Lesbians don't need anything a man has to offer (except maybe sperm if they want a child, at least until they perfect egg fusion).  A Lesbi-Domme with a male sub doesn't need him to for love, sexual fulfillment, or happiness.  She can simply take on a female submissive, switch, or another Lesbi-Domme as a lover, life partner, playmate (tag-teaming if they are both Dommes), friend, and confidante.  A male in this case offers nothing that she needs to live a happy life.  Basically, as a person, he is useless to her.

His ideal role in the Lesbian fantasy is that of less than a person.  Even though his presence is extraneous, he can be useful.  He serves no significant emotional role, he is merely there to be used.  He can provide tedious and strenuous labor.  He can perform menial and boring tasks.  He isn't required to think, only serve and obey.  In the winter, he shovels the driveway.  In the summer, he mows the lawn.  Day in and day out he provides cooks, cleans, and runs errands in a thankless environment.  It could be him or any other willing male, she doesn't care, so long as he gets things done that she doesn't feel like doing.  He should be thankful she allows him to serve her at all.  She might even charge him rent.  The play he gets isn't very welcome.  Denial without the teasing.  Chastity play with no incentive for release (she doesn't care about his pleasure).  Pain inflicted on a level that satiates her but goes beyond what she is willing to do to another woman. 

My dreams tend to take me to a place where things get even more extreme.  I've dreamed of households where a Lesbian Domme and her Lesbian female sub also have a male sub.  The male ranks below the female, so she is sort of a switch, submissive to the Mistress but dominant to the male.  The Mistress is strict but doesn't want to be bothered by a lot of tedious activities so she has her subs take care of the majority of the daily activities.  The female sub is a bit threatened by the presence of the male sub so she goes out of her way to make his life hell and sabotage his standing with the Mistress.  This rivalry leads to interesting situations on many fronts.  The cruelty is great since her dominance isn't motivated sexually, but purely out of jealousy and hatred.  He is usually in chastity since he isn't supposed to think of them in a sexual way and he has no hope for release except scheduled times that were negotiated in advance.  He has no sexual interaction, just laboring away to the women he serves and surrendering to their whims.

What exactly is it that has me wake up in a cold sweat, panting, and a raging erection when I have dreams of this nature?  I'm not really sure.  Somewhere in my submissive ideals I adhere to the idea of being expendable.  It makes me try harder and appreciate everything.  This doesn't explain the sexual arousal aspect but I guess that's what makes the kinky sides of us unique.

Overall I doubt I would thrive in such a situation, but I would probably perform fairly well.


  1. Very interesting post. I think you've explained everything as well as it can be explained. The only confusing part for me comes at the very end when you wonder why you're aroused by the fantasy of the Lesbian Dom with a Lesbian sub who is also your Dom. You're clearly into humiliation, so why should it surprise you that you're aroused by the humiliation of being an abject slave to two women who have no interest in any of your needs?

    It's even more humiliating that a lowly "sub" can lord it over you with cruelty,jealousy and hatred. Isn't it that sort of humiliation that you crave? I can see where it would turn you on. The "why" of it would take a lot of self examination on your part, and probably goes to the basic question of who you are, what you need, and why. That's a lot to tackle for any of us, sub or Dom.

  2. Thank you for the comments, Lady Grey.

    I was mainly pondering the "why" of it but as I was writing this I was also dabbling about in my thoughts about the "typical male fantasy" of Lesbians and how mine is a bit different but you pretty much summed it up.

    I still get taken aback by the fact that I have this "moth to the flame" draw towards fantasy situations that I know would not lead to a sustainable or happy lifestyle for me.

    This post definitely led up to my cuckold post and I've had a recurring dream about being with a bi-sexual Mistress who had a female sub that "outranked" me and the interplay between the Mistress and the female sub was focused on having the sub orgasm a lot (bordering on too much) while the interplay with myself and the Mistress focused upon intense denial.

    This brought up some memories of a "dream bondage" device that I will be writing about in my next post.