Saturday, January 8, 2011

Games of Chance - Stacked in Her favor

In Lady Grey's most recent entry she mentioned an inclusion of a dice roll to determine a certain punishment severity.

Using games of chance in D/s activities has been something I've thought and fantasized about a lot over the years.  There's just something about random chance that touches my submissive psyche.  It doesn't matter how stacked the odds are because as long as there's a chance, no matter how slim, you will always hold some hope for a positive outcome.  This seems to happen even if your mind has resigned itself to losing and every cognitive cell in your brain knows it won't happen, that glimmer of hope always manages to burn deep down inside you... and when that hope is inevitably crushed, you fall quickly and surrender.

Hitting on a 16 in black jack.  Needing one card for a flush or a straight in poker.  Betting any single number in roulette.  They all represent odds that are stacked against you.  When we gamble, we willingly accept those odds and the risks and accept that it is "fair," since every participant (besides the house) holds the same odds of success or failure when faced with a similar situation.

This is where Femdom gets so deliciously unfair.  The Domme is always the house and she can make the rules.  It can be stacked in her favor and as long as there is some chance that he can "win," the process of hope and despair will repeat itself.

There are two types of ways this can be exploited:
-A bad outcome vs. a more bad outcome.
-A bad outcome vs. a good outcome.

For the first type, the odds can be more fair since it's a lose/lose worse situation.  Rolling dice, drawing a card out of a deck, etc. all work well here.

For the second type, the odds can be completely unfair since there are more positive stakes available to him.  Rolling 1 die vs. 3 dice (her roll), playing poker where he gets 5 cards and she gets 10, and so forth can work here.

Being creative with both the game and the stakes can ensure the sub will ride a strong emotional roller coaster.

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