Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sissies on the net

This is a bit of a rant... it's not targeted at anyone in particular but it may offend some...

I've written before about the sissy stigma and lately the reasons that I believe it exists have pretty much held true.  While there are a few parts of the stigma that affect my own blog, e.g. exchanging very good comments with readers/authors on other blogs but them taking no interest in my blog due to its title and/or my username, the bulk of them seem to stem back to community support and the success and failure of various sites and forums.

I get a little frustrated sometimes when I take part in a forced fem internet community via e-group or forum only to watch it slowly dwindle away due to lack of participation of its members.  It often seems to follow a familiar cycle:  if there isn't enough masturbation material, it fails.

On those sites, the active posters (that post at least once a week) is usually around 20 to 100 sissies for every 1 Dominant.  When a new Dom shows up (they are often pros seeking to recruit new clients) they may start off interacting but are soon flooded with requests for assignments and when they seek feedback from the sissies they are lucky to get much response at all.  Basically, there isn't a lot of motivation for them to keep on going.  In other cases they may be harassed via private message/email until they leave.

In other cases, a small core keeps the wheels turning but as any long-running kink-oriented internet group knows, eventually you can't just rehash the same fantasies over and over again and keep the older members interested.  In these cases the community is usually carried by personal interactions and members getting to know one another along with discussions on relevant topics of interest and/or just shooting the shit.  The problem is that very few sissies can just converse.  It's like they only went there to whack-off and if it doesn't lead to that they want no part of it.  I can understand that to some extent but at the same time they can't be disappointed at the lack of interaction or new content when people get bored.

I guess it's just frustrating to me that this cycle persists.  On this blog it's tough for me to keep up with ideas for new topics of discussion, especially when there is minimal feedback.  At least 50% of my posts have nothing to do with forced fem but the 50% that do keep away many.  The odd result is that the bulk of the comments I receive have nothing to do with sissies or forced fem yet the vast majority of my blog followers are here for sissy/forced fem material.

My advice to the sissies out there is to interact on the places you visit, balancing masturbation material and normal interactions.  Keeping the wheels turning is a group effort and it often seems like the few are carrying the many.


  1. Hi Fur,
    I do agree that there is a sissy stigma a few years ago when I was inexperienced kink wise I had a funny incident when I was having sex with a TV we were talking dirty to each other when I slapped her on her ass and called her a sissy slut she got get really angry and told me not call her a sissy!
    I also think a major part of the problem with dwindling or lack of continual sissy interaction on blogs, forums and websites ect could be many sissy's go through various purges to try and get away from dressing and having submissive sexual fantasies. Maybe after joining a site or forum and starting to follow a blog in which they get to interact with a dominant master or mistress it becomes a little too real and they drift away or stop in a bid to stop having the urges that makes them identify themselves as a submissive or sissy.
    From a Dom point of view I go through this as well and periodically lose interest in kink i don’t agree with labels but as a so called bi guy I periodically change from wanting to Dom a submissive sissy to having normal so called straight relationships with women with no kink or any desire to involve kink in the relationship.
    I also get frustrated as there are so many sissy’s out there who just want someone dominant a master or mistress to interact with until they get off be it by e-mail, forum, chat room or web cam and having got off immediately stop any interaction and try to forget the stimuli they got off to or most likely feel shame at the stimuli they got off to.
    Due to this I can be quite harsh with new Sissy’s when I first start talking to them this helps me determine if they are a timewaster or will be worth meeting but this can also create a problem as I am not as harsh when we do meet at first and due to this I have actually had a Sissy tell me to piss off as i was not as harsh/strict in real life as I was when first chatting with her which could lead me into another subject you posted about sissy styles and intensities but I wont go there just now.
    Just some of my thoughts,

  2. Thank you for the comment, rfoj. Not that it's all that important but I had guessed you were a MaleDom :)

    I have found that many sissies do try to purge. It's a double-edge of shame to admit to yourself that you are both submissive and a sissy. It never really goes away and eventually a good number just give in rather than fight it. I know a lot of the internet sissies are closet cases, many with wives/families and the like but I wish they would understand that the way they go about things makes things more difficult for everyone including themselves.

    I think most Dominants find they have to come off with a lot more bark than bite early on in order to weed out the wannabes.