Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sissy chic

Chic (as well as the often-misused couture) is a common buzz word every few years to describe a new fashion trend or fad that by the time it receives it's label, is probably over-used and reaches a point of poor taste.

Whether it's hippie chic, sassy chic, shabby chic, etc. or whatever, what about sissy chic or sissy couture?

While there's many different flavors of sissies: TG, TV, CD, submissive, fetishist, etc. it seems the trends in sissy fetish clothing tends to remain pretty much the same year after year (with the exception of transgenders that have truly become passable as women).

Silk or satin panties tend to be the norm, but which style is the most "in style" for sissies?  Thongs?  Bikinis?  Briefs?  Is there any consensus?  Is there indifference as long as they're panties?  Panties don't really do it for me but if I had to go with humiliation factor as a deciding mechanism I'd have to vote for ruffle-butt.  I could just be biased that this was the first style that my first Mistress ever used upon me.

With socks there's often a general consensus for lacy ankle socks if it's not stockings or leggings.

Skirts and dresses are generally favored over pants.  If they have legs at all it's usually something like hot pants.

I guess I'm curious if others have any thoughts on this. 

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