Sunday, September 11, 2011

What to do next?

I'm kind of surprised at some of the votes in my good/bad/weird options considering I don't receive a lot of comments to feed off of.  It's not so much surprise, I'm just having trouble getting a firm grasp on what people like (or don't like) seeing.

What I have been able to put together:
-People have little interest in my "portrait" style drawings, where it's just a woman unless it's on the risque side of things and/or keys into a specific fetish (e.g. really big fur).

-BDSM/Ds scenes must involve an active interplay between the Domme and sub, with the exception of lesbian scenes where the sub is in the background.

-Humiliation and degradation are most popular.

 -(Almost) no one really cares about any of my fashion-oriented postings.

-There isn't a lot of interest in my more cerebral postings.

I'm not really the type to cater completely towards people want (unless it's in common with what I also like/want), but I guess I just haven't figured out how to draw readers and spur a lot of conversation on what I do write and draw.  I'm open to suggestions. 


  1. *hugs*

    FWIW Fursissy our forums are quiet as well--both Mistress's & my slavegirl sissy blog and our blogspot version of it. And you know why my forum is like! ;p

    Dont let it get you down, as I tell Mistress, there's more people who 'just look' than there are those who comment and give feedback/appreciation.


  2. ..i get similarly little feedback on my blog ... but its all about just doing what YOU want ... its great when others build on your interests ...but dont get put off by lack of comments ( .. it often frustrates me that I spend a lot of time posting and get very little feedback.. ).
    I have found polls one fairly effective mechanism ...
    Guess we live with the reality of far more 'watchers' than 'doers' ...
    keep up the good work :-)

  3. Thanks tia. I know the forum has its ups and downs in terms of traffic. I can tell by the votes that there are people checking in. I will try to swing by more often. It seems the more recent crowd there is just going for the same recycled fantasies/assignments and less up for discussion.

    Thanks mittens. I do go through very motivated periods where I have a lot of things I'm exploring in thought. Those are also the times that I generally read and post on other blogs (something I haven't kept up on lately). There's other times where I could just use a jump start.

    I'm not really setting out to be the most popular blog on the planet and several readers I have chatted with have said they prefer the topics that I do write about to just re-hashing my BDSM experiences and loads of pictures.

    When it comes to my drawings I'm always open to suggestions for inspiration.