Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things I just don't understand by being male

Last year I made a post about not quite understanding what defines "cute."
This post is of a similar nature.

While doing a few recent drawings it has become abundantly clear to me a few things I just don't understand very well about women's fashion.  I'm very observant when it comes to fit, cut, and lines as well as color contrasting.  My talents (at least that's what I've been told by several women) include matching styles to moods and impressions you want to give, how to accent curves, etc.

There are three things that really come to mind that I definitely don't understand.
Make-up.  Accessorizing with jewelry/bling.  Judging prints and patterns on fabric.

Make-up is an odd one.  I know why women use make-up and I can tell when it is done well and when it's done poorly.  I can understand what is too much, and when certain types of "too much" can be very style-defining.  What I don't understand is the theory behind make-up (aside from eye-liner).  I don't know what shade of lipstick is "supposed" to be used with a given ensemble or look.  I don't understand the appropriate ways of using blush and eye shadow.  I'm sure there's writings about them somewhere, I just haven't taken the time to read them. 

Accessorizing is a different story.  When I was in college or high school and sat in one place for a long period of time I could always notice certain types of bracelets, rings, earrings, belts, etc. that were particularly flattering, style-defining, or just plain cool.  In terms of first glances, most accessories don't strike me unless they're done in very poor taste.  This makes me wonder why women emphasize jewelry and accessories so much.  I know that other women tend to notice these almost immediately, but most men do not.  I have even been given credit for noticing them after 30 minutes of boredom and wandering eyes.  So are accessories mainly for women to impress other women (or to show off money)?  Is that all? 

My lack of understanding on the subject and the disproportionate amount of time it takes to draw an intricate ring, necklace, or belt buckle probably explain why they are usually absent from my drawings.

Prints and patterns are a nightmare to draw in my drawing program.  When shopping with women I rarely am drawn to items with fancy prints and patterns and I'm usually taken by surprise when someone picks out some print and goes "I just LOVE this!"  I'm usually a bit puzzled and thinking, "why?"  I guess I tend to stay away from things that appear "noisy" or "distracting" from the female form, but most women I know are often drawn to particular styles of prints.

I know I'm probably not the only male that doesn't understand these things, but it seems almost second nature when women do understand these things. 

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