Monday, December 26, 2011

Slave Competition Game #7 - Human Crane

-Dangle a strong magnet by a string from the bottom of a ball parachute so that it is roughly ~14-16" from the floor. Strong magnets can be found at science supply stores or a larger object such as a magnet bar designed to hold kitchen knives to the wall could be used. 

-Place ~5 metal objects on the floor that will conduct magnetism.  They can be of varying sizes and weights or all the same.  Heavier will cause more strain, smaller will be more difficult to pick up.  Fishing weights would be relatively inexpensive and be both heavy and small, but I'm not sure if they would all conduct magnetism.

-Restrain the sub's hands behind his back.

-Star a timer.

-The sub must hover over the object on the floor and squat down low enough to have the magnet touch the object and pick the object up.

-The sub that picks up all of the items off the floor in the fastest time, wins.

-If a sub falls down or his knee or butt touches the ground he will be disqualified. 

-For added difficulty items like nipple clamps or clothes pins will make it more difficult to concentrate.  A posture collar would make it more difficult for the sub to see the objects on the floor with any amount of precision so he may have to scoot around while squatting.


  1. Nice idea, but a magnet that strong seems pretty unlikely as it would have to convey its magnetic strength through so many objects.

  2. Thank you, Lady Grey.

    I do think it is possible depending upon the strength and surface area of the magnet and the size of the objects being picked up.

    The magnet bars used for holding kitchen knives on the wall are generally about 12" long and it's usually 2-3 magnets totaling about 1-1.5" in width. If the objects were less than 2" each in size it shouldn't be a problem, e.g. 5 fishing weights.

    If the magnets were smaller, they could always be used to pick up other magnets. e.g. 5 disc magnets being picked up by another disc magnet.

    Finding exactly the right things for it might be kind of a pain in the ass though, so I can understand doubts about it.