Monday, December 26, 2011

Slave Competition Game #8 - Hold the Books

This will probably be my last game idea unless inspiration strikes.  Dealing with my dysfunctional family this week has led me to a rather dismal state of mind.  Please forgive the piss poor drawing, it's only meant for example.

This is a variation of the bell game I posted as a comment on Lady Grey's post, Roadblocks.

I'm going to go ahead and pull out all the stops here and include all of the variations to increase difficulty as part of the idea, so this could be made as easy or difficult as you would want it to based upon what gets included and excluded.

-Collar with jingle bells hanging from it (or a snug fitting elastic choker with bells)
-Wrist and ankle cuffs with jingle bells hanging from them (or snug fitting elastic with bells)
-Nipple clamps with jingle bells hanging from them.
-Ball parachute with an attached weight and jingle bells.
-2+ large heavy books.  Phone books are probably the safest and they are free.

-Have the subs stand with their legs spread (the wider they are spread the harder this will be) and their arms extended outwards and their palms facing upward. 

-Place 1 or more books on each hand. 

-The subs are to hold the books at shoulder height and stay still.  If a book is dropped on the floor or lowered below the nipples they are disqualified.

-If a bell rings the sub will receive a quick stinging swat with a crop to each ass cheek.  If a bell rings while receiving the swat they shall get another swat until they can sturdy themselves enough to take a swat without ringing a bell. (Swats with items heavy enough to move the sub's center of gravity will probably make them drop the books right away so a lighter spanking tool is recommended). 

-The last sub holding their books up wins. 


  1. With a few variations, this has some fine possibilities. Thank you again, Fur.

  2. You're very welcome, Lady Grey. I hope I have been able to be of some help.