Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dream is almost a reality

If you have read my blog for a long time you may have seen some of my dream bondage device posts, which are basically fantasy bondage devices that have shown up in my twisted dreams when I sleep.

A while ago I made a post on using In ear monitors for sensory deprivation.  Basically, wireless earplugs/headphones that could be used so that the Mistress could control what you would hear, whether it was a microphone of her voice pumped directly into your ear, white noise, a hypnotic mantra, music, etc.  In my dream these monitors were held in place by a pair of earmuffs (that had a locking chin strap).

This year a few designers have made this at least a half-reality by cutting out the middleman and putting the speakers directly into the earmuffs.  Almost there... now they just need them to block out almost 100% external sound, be wireless, and incredibly difficult to remove if secured.


  1. But why you cannot make on your own? Basically you want to combine noise-reduction ear muffs (possibly one with radio receiver in it already), huge & fluffy fur pom-poms covering the ear cups + a chin strap.

    1. I probably could, but I tend to enjoy it when something even remotely similar to what I have envisioned pops up on its own in mainstream culture :)