Saturday, June 28, 2014


I really want to get back to drawing.  The truth is, I want to draw better than I am able to at this point in time.  I have been working on some new techniques for drawing/coloring but the improvement is very slow and very gradual.  Having no art background really hurts me here.  It's a bit frustrating as growing up I was not allowed a lot of freedoms to take classes in things that I did not display a talent for (aka I couldn't risk my GPA with art classes).

I do plan to do more drawing.  There's two things I have been working on that need significant improvement:
1. I need to understand the balance of detail/realism.  I'm trying to draw fantasies.  If the characters look more like a comic or cartoon, that probably isn't a bad thing.  Learning what details/parts should be drawn and which parts should be omitted is something I need to figure out.  Being stuck in the tweener state I was in before isn't something I wish to return to.

2. I just don't understand coloring/shading/lighting on a fundamental level.  I think this is the part that aggravates me the most as it not only requires a deeper understanding of art in general but also a significant amount of understanding programs used for illustration.

Hopefully at some point I'll actually do what I need to do to truly improve and not just wish it would happen.


  1. I personally love your drawings. After reading this, I looked at your earlier drawings. There is certainly a transition of good to even better. I'v really enjoyed the progress in detail, especially the hair. As much as I'v enjoyed the quality of your drawings, I'v mostly enjoyed the imagination behind the drawings.

  2. You can try and lookup courses for drawing/painting/art. The local communities tend to have such things for free or for a nominal fee as a "community encouragement" thing, you just need to find them :).

    But even if you don't, you have a personal style which I like :). Remember that shading, perspective etc. is relatively "new" in the long history of art too :).

  3. I think the best drawings you have are about yourself. A link sissy. I don't think much realism is good. You have your own style, and we all love it! But I'd really love if you'll draw a poodle furslave or a vixenboy)

  4. Thank you, everyone. I guess I just wish there was a magic button and pressing it made things easier. i am working on some new things in a slightly different style but I have a had a lot less time to draw lately and I have to knock it out in small chunks. It's being a bit more time intensive than I had hoped, but hopefully the end result will be better as well.

  5. Glad you're back.
    I've missed your artwork and can't wait to see some new creations.

    Kimmy SissyFur