Thursday, August 11, 2016

fs01 Update

Just a quick note but I have decided to change the recent bonus chapters into the start of Arc 7.

I had originally intended Wine II to be a one-night-stand but due to popular demand I was able to build up some character chemistry with Barb and it works as a starting point for this next arc.

I usually treat bonus chapters as optional content, but if Barb is going to become a recurring character this content isn't actually optional :)

Wine II is now Part 47.
Barb is now Part 48.

Part 49 is in the works.  


  1. I'm looking forward to your next Arc, and more scenes with the Barb character. Also glad to hear that the popular demand reflects my own view, and that you've gotten some stimulus and direction to get those fingers typing. Go for it, fur!

    1. Thank you Lady Grey.

      Im actually going into this with less of a plan than usual as I have a few events to write more than a complete picture but I'm willing to see where that will go.

      Take care.