Friday, August 12, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 49

Author’s Note:  This takes place several weeks after part 48.


“So just how far away is this cabin, Cass?”
“A few more miles, Barbie.  I swear, you’re like traveling with a child.”
“Are we almost there yet?  Are we almost there yet?”  Barb makes her voice shrill and as annoying as possible.  Mistress doesn’t take the bait.

I can’t see much from the pet carrier in the back.  The rear gate blocks my view and all I can make out are the tops of the trees and clouds.  It feels like we’ve been driving for hours.

I listen in on the banter coming from the front seat.  Mistress and Barb have continued to grow closer.  Barb is over almost every day and spends the night most of the time.  She’s a regular fixture at meal times and seems to bring out the best in Mistress.  The way they go at each other you’d guess they had known each other since childhood and not just a few weeks. 

I feel the car lurch and we go down a small incline.  Based upon our speed I guess that we are in a driveway.  The road winds back and forth and rises again as we come to a halt.  I hear their doors open and the car bounces as they depart.  The back gate rises and light penetrates the carrier.  I squint adjusting to the brightness of the sun reflecting off the snow.  I slowly climb out.  Mistress stretches and arches her back.  Barb lights a cigarette and paces around. 

“Why did we come out to the cold-ass middle of nowhere again?”
“But look at the clean, crisp air.  You’d be plenty warm if you put your fur coat back on like I told you to.”
“Yes, Mistress.” Barb’s sarcasm oozes through in a mongoloid voice, probably intending to mock me.
“Oh, is that so little Barbie.  I just might have to spank you in that case.”
“Uh uh, no way.” 

I smile as Mistress chases Barb around in a circle, swinging her purse at Barb’s rear.  My knees wobble as the circulation returns to my legs.  I don’t think I’ve ridden that long in the carrier without a break before. 

“Seriously, Cass.  Why did we come here instead of someplace warm?”
“This is an extra special cabin.”
“What’s so special about it?  The fact that it’s the farthest place outside of civilization that you could find?”

I scan the area surrounding us.  A stretch of snow-covered fields and rolling hills separate us from the main road.  The main cabin is a very large log building.  I had expected something fairly rustic but this is would rival most mansions.  A large multi-car garage sits to its right and a shed to the left up against the woods line. 

“This is Dominique’s cabin, Barbie… so it has all kinds of special ‘amenities’ you can’t find at a standard vacation spot.”
“Like what?  It has a dungeon in the basement?” 
Mistress laughs heartily.
“Yes.  Fully stocked and kept plenty cold.  There’s no central heating but every room has its own fireplace.”
“That’s kind of fucked up, Cass.  How many rooms is this place?  That must use up an ass-load of wood.”
“I think it has something like 9 guest rooms plus the master bedroom.  I’m sure it’s a lot of work to maintain but that’s why we brought a slave.  Which reminds me.  slave, quit dawdling and start unloading the luggage.”

I snap to attention and nod and bow in her direction.  I watch Mistress and Barb head towards the front door before setting forth on my task.  It feels like Mistress must have brought every piece of luggage she owns.  It takes me several trips to move it all. 

I close the front door behind me.  Mistress approaches carrying a glass of wine. 

“Our room is going to be the 3rd door on the left.  Build a fire in the living room and in that room.  When you have finished with that, unpack our things and store all of them neatly in the closet and the dresser.  After that, build a fire in every room and open their doors.  When you have finished, you’ll prepare our dinner, take my snowboard and skis into the garage and wax them, and then shovel the walkways before working on chopping firewood.”

I lower my eyes and nod, taking careful note of all the assigned tasks.  I turn to pick up a bag when Mistress clears her throat.  I turn back, kneel, and kiss her feet. First the right foot, then the left.  She grins an evil grin as her eyes pierce mine.  She will punish me for my thoughtlessness. 

It takes me nearly two hours to complete the first of the chores.  By now the cabin has warmed up bit and Mistress has changed into her robe, slippers, and hat.  She lounges on the sofa near the fire while Barb lies with her as they sip wine and whisper back and forth. 

I head to the kitchen and prepare dinner.  It takes me a while to locate everything but the kitchen is huge with all new stainless steel appliances and high-end cookware.  I serve dinner at the large dining table.  My knees bob back and forth as I stand at attention. 

“What an ill-mannered and undisciplined slave we have here.”  I freeze in place as Mistress’s words cut into me and my face flushes a bright red.  I watch her face contort as she bursts into a giggle that transforms into a laugh. 
“Such a silly slave.  The boys’ bathroom is an outhouse on the far side of the shed.  You may use it now.”
I hustle through the house and out the front door.  The snow is deep and I trudge through it to the shed.  I find the small wooden outhouse and relieve myself.  The sun is low and it’s freezing out.  I run back to the cabin, enter, and wash my hands at the kitchen sink before returning to Mistress.

“Oh, pet, you really do provide all the entertainment I’ll ever need.”  Mistress chides, probably a bit tipsy from the wine. 

I smile and feel a warmth crawl into my heart.  My Mistress… I love her.

After they finish eating I tend to the dishes.  As I move to the door, Mistress calls out and stops me. 

“slave, check the storage compartment in the back of the car.  There should be a duffel bag in there.  Retrieve it.” 

I nod and bow and head outside to Mistress’s SUV.  I open the back gate and pop open the storage compartment, gathering the bag and returning it inside.  I approach the sofa where Mistress and Barb snuggle together and set the bag down.  She motions her hand and I open it.  

Inside the duffel I find my coat, boots, and mittens from home. 

“It’s cold outside, pet.  Make sure you stay warm.” 

I smile and blush.  I lay on my back and present my feet to her.  She turns up the fur cuffs on my boots and unlocks the buckles.  I quickly slip into my snow boots and put on my coat and mittens.

“Now make sure to model them for Barbie, pet.”

A sudden wave of self-consciousness crashes down on me.  My face burns red with shame and I want to hide it with my hands. 

Barb makes a ‘pffft’ sound before her lips part into a wide grin. 
“You are so evil, Cass.  Do you make him wear that at home?”
“Of course, that’s what he wears when I take him for a drive or when he shovels snow.”

Barb holds her stomach as she cracks up in laughter.  My face contorts as my stomach knots up.  I should be used to this feeling by now.  It still hurts in just the right way. 

“Come closer, slave.” 

I approach the sofa with tiny steps; my fingers fidget inside the mittens.  Barb turns her full attention to me and leans forward on the couch.  Her fingers slide across the coat, giving it small tugs and twists. 

“That’s such a cute shade of pink on you, slave.  The coat and boots did it, I can no longer even picture you as a man.  Your Mistress told me this would happen but I didn’t believe her.” 

My brow furrows into a concerned look.  They whisper together and giggle.  I feel my insides sink deep into the abyss.  I no longer feel like a man.  Their lips meet and they peck tiny kisses onto each other.  Mistress waves her hand and I respond with a nod of my head, a bow, and I depart.  My mind enters an unfamiliar realm.  I wax Mistress’s skis and snowboard like a machine.  No distractions, no thoughts, I merely complete my tasks.  I shovel the walkways.  I split firewood.  I do not notice the cold air or the clear and starry night.  I bring a stack of the freshly cut wood into the cabin.

The door shuts behind me.  I hear Mistress’s voice. 

“slave, feed the fires in the living room and our bedroom.  Make sure they have enough wood to burn through the night.”

My response is automatic and without thought.  I add several pieces of wood to the fire in the bedroom, keeping several logs spare in its carrier.  I proceed to the living room and repeat the process.  Upon completing the tasks I remove my coat and mittens, change back into my normal boots, and store them neatly in the coat closet.  I return to the living room and stand at attention behind the sofa where Mistress and Barb snuggle together. 

“slave, come here and kneel.” 

I move to the other side of the sofa and drop to my knees, placing my hands inside the muff. 

“Was it cold out there?”

I have no response.  I don’t know if it was or not.  Her eyes meet mine. 

“pet.  See me.”
“He’s looking right at you, Cass.”
“pet.  See your Mistress.”

She sits up.  Barb slides across the couch.  Mistress turns her body and faces me.  She places her arms around me and hugs.  She buries my face in the fur collar of her robe.  I inhale deeply, the scent of her perfume penetrates every ounce of my soul.  I feel my head awaken. 

“pet… I’m here pet.”
My eyes tear up and I begin to sniffle.  I don’t know why. 
“It’s okay, pet.  It’s okay.”

I whimper and sob into her shoulder.  She rocks me in her arms. 
“My pet.  I love my pet.”

She presses her cheek against mine.  I feel my heart fill with warmth and love. 
“I love you, Mistress.” 
“pet.  You’re freezing.  I want you to take a bath.  Use the bathtub in our bathroom.  I want you to soak for at least 30 minutes, okay?”
“Yes, Mistress.  Thank you.”

Mistress unlocks me from my uniform.  When she finishes I kneel and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left.  I depart to their bedroom and fill the tub.  It’s a very large tub and takes a good while to fill.  I undress and slowly slide into the water.  The water feels scorching, my skin must really be cold.  I find the soap and a washcloth and begin to clean myself while my aching joints soak in the warm water. 

Mistress enters after several minutes carrying a plate and a glass.  She pulls a chair up to the tub and sits.  She hands me the plate. 

“Eat it all, pet.” 

I smile at her.  I take the plate and find a turkey sandwich.  My body inhales the food.  I must have been famished.  She passes me the glass of orange juice.  I guzzle it down with a series of gulps.  I set the plate and glass down next to the tub and look up at Mistress.  She smiles.  I smile back.

”Thank you, Mistress.”

She doesn’t answer; her response is a loving gaze that makes my chest tingle. 

“If you have to use the bathroom tonight pet, use the one by the kitchen.  I don’t want you going back outside tonight.” 

I nod and feel warm in my heart.  She worries about me.  I feel my energy return.  I quickly finish cleaning myself and dry myself off.  A garment bag hangs from the door, I’m guessing it is a change of uniform.  I dress for her and at its completion I present myself for the locks.  She tightens up the buckles and secures me in with a series of clicks.  I kneel and kiss her feet.  First the right foot, then the left. 

“Take care of these dishes, brush your teeth, and get ready for bed.”
“Yes, Mistress.  I love you.”
“I love you too, pet.”

I quickly take care of my finishing tasks, making sure to add a few logs to the fire in the living room before returning and doing the same in the bedroom.  Mistress guides me to the cage in the far corner of the bedroom and I crawl inside.  She hands me a small blanket and pillow before closing the gate behind me. 

My eyes sag with exhaustion.  I doze off to the sounds of kisses and moans coming from the direction of the king size bed.



  1. I do love to see Mistress care for her pet. I am very excited to see a slave serving the woman on vacation! I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily. I'm still crunching out the logistics but I have an idea of where I am going.

      I was afraid that this chapter was going to be too boring after I completed it but an odd thing happened while writing it and I found myself drifting into a different type of subspace that I have not reached in a VERY long time. I'm curious if that came through in the text. I got some other comments from a sub that did notice it.

    2. As Lady Grey mentioned unquestioned service and complete obedience I do see evidence of a deep level of subspace here. I do find it interesting to read details of his serving Cas in a non sexual way. This was not a bore. :D I do think that some of the dynamics that are shown in this chapter do appeal to me on a deeper level.

  2. I think you caught the feel of a sub entering slavespace very well, fur. You created an atmosphere of total obedience to Cass that allowed for nothing but compliance and unquestioning service, or perhaps servitude is a better word. I'm not quite sure just how you pulled this off, but it was very effective, even touching, and it may just be the most subtle writing you've done to date. That's a big compliment, fur. I really liked it!

    1. Thank you so much, Lady Grey.

      As I immersed in the writing and envisioning the physical and mental stress of the situation I actually found myself hit a point of emotional shut-down. It forced me to envision a means of "pulling him back out." I am glad that it came through in the writing. It took me a while to recover from it after writing.

      It seems that adding Barb really has given some extra firepower to the dynamics.

      Take care.

  3. This is my favorite side of Mistress Cass! I am greatly intrigued by her and Barbie...will Barbie come to the dark side?

    1. Thank you, Nora. That question does linger for a while :)