Tuesday, November 22, 2016


As my depression riddled brain continues to wander, I've been trying to come up with some ideas for where to go with fs01 if/when I get around to finishing Arc 6.

When I started writing it, I wanted to create something that felt believable.  I won't try to claim it's realistic, but I wanted to include a variety of factors that would create a situation that seemed reasonable if someone were faced with it.  This required including a lot of conditionals.

I know that in relationships conditionals are often seen as negative things.  People desire unconditional love.  They want to feel like there is full acceptance of things as they are and if people feel the need to interject conditionals, that it is somehow impure.

D/s opens a strange can of worms in that conditionals often serve as safety checks.  A horny sub can get into lots of trouble if these aren't in place, so concepts such as hard limits, safe words, and the like are conditionals that come into play, especially in newer relationships.

I think the majority of TPE relationships are formed upon either stated or implied conditionals, which oddly enough, goes against the idea of TPE.  If someone is truly a slave, they have no right or power to negotiate the terms of their slavery.  Once you are a slave, rights and power no longer apply.  With that in mind, conditionals serve as our "voice of reason" when making a conscious choice that puts us in an irrational position. 

I would have to believe that a male sub that agrees to be a slave, does so on the (at least implied) agreement that they will be cared for and kept by their owner.  Without this sort of basic protection it becomes much more difficult to give up your rights.

In fs01, a lot of my own personal requirements are on display.  What would I need in order to accept the conditions/lifestyle put forth by Cassandra? 
In the first arc this is rectified by their initial labor contract that binds them to each other.  While he cannot leave, she cannot leave him.  This is at the core of my own abandonment issues and along the lines of what I might require to give up my own livelihood and freedom.  

The idea that I'm tossing around for Arc 7 (or wrapping up to a finale) is Cassandra's understanding that fs isn't really a slave since he is protected.  Reaching the ultimate dynamic can only happen if fs's protections are stripped from the situation, which would involve a contract renegotiation in her favor, divorce, and the like.  I'm not sure I care to go down this path or "end it" under these terms but I have to say that it's on my mind.  I hate potentially spoiling the future storyline but I'm really trying to get myself back to a writing state of mind.


  1. Fur, I think you must acknowledge that having a "contract" is nothing more than an illusion in any event. It's certainly not legally binding and can be broken at any time by either party unless the slave is physically prevented from actually leaving, and that's more a fantasy than a reality.

    Coming up with an ending that changes their agreement to a true, hard core slavery scene would require that fs IS bound physically as well as mentally and cannot "escape" his bondage to flee the scene for any reason. Is that what you want to invoke? Would that be the ultimate goal of your fantasy?

    I think that when you get an answer to that question in your mind, the story will progress much more easily to its conclusion. Easy for me to say, huh:)

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey.

      I'm not quite sure where I stand on it at the moment. In my personal ideal, being able to love and trust strongly enough to exist without assurances is a strong allure but at the same time I am uncertain of where I would want to go with it.

      I would have to believe that fs would never want to leave so escalation would probably require a realistic potential that he could be sent away into a situation similar to what you laid out.

      I may just go with an emotional closure point without taking things down that path. The thoughts swirl.