Thursday, May 18, 2017

At least some things are amusing

Well, the events of today have definitely made this one of the worst weeks I've had in many years.  My stress level is off the charts and will remain that way until some uncertainty with my work situation clears up.

At least I stumbled upon something amusing today.

Because yes, doesn't everyone just want a parka that zips completely over your face and has an attached fur pom pom?  Makes perfect sense. 


  1. It also goes below the knees, so this is a perfect hiding wear with those chastity-belts that have attached thigh-cuffs. Maybe s/he is wearing one even now.

    Where have you found it? :)

    1. That is a good observation, kvaat.

      Here is a link

  2. Hang in there at work. Find amusement wherever you can.
    i have been laid off twice and know how that sucks just as things get difficult you will find a way to find something amusing

    1. Thank you, missy louise.

      I am working on it.