Monday, June 19, 2017

Double Standards 2017 Part 2

Wow, I just realize how rant-like the last post felt.  It wasn't meant to be as it was actually supposed to be a contrast piece designed to inform someone about something I had talked about earlier.  I guess I should cut down on drinking Haterade. 

I did have something I wanted to follow up with.

In F/m D/s it is very possible for Dommes to wield those double standards as part of a humiliation and control dynamic.  People might have ethical objections to this but kink-shaming a male sub can serve to isolate him and make him feel like he has to try harder.  It makes the Domme seem more special because she is the one woman in the world that will tolerate/accept him while every other woman will think he is a disgusting pervert.  Conditioning this type of mindset has great potential to push a sub to being "all in" as the added pressure of keeping the only woman in the world who would accept him happy dis-empowers him quite a bit vs. if he feels like he has options, is desirable, etc. 

While this might seem unfair, it really isn't all that far off from the truth. 

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