Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Need of Ideas

I seem to have lost a bit of intensity in my writing lately.  I think this may be a good thing since it means there aren't a lot of pressing thoughts or feelings that I need to think through but at the same time I feel a bit at a loss when I sit down to write.

If anyone has any ideas for new posts or would like me to elaborate on something I talked about in a previous post please let me know.  Otherwise I will probably take a bit of a break from writing blog entries and will probably stick to reading blogs and making some comments here and there until my muse returns. 


  1. Here's an idea that I plan to write about eventually, but I'd like your take on it. Sub swapping and/or a sub's service to someone other than his Dom, with the Dom's knowledge and approval.

    I'm referring more to a sub being sent to another Dom's home to serve her, rather than a sub serving a group of Doms, although that's a good subject for discussion as well.

  2. Thank you for the idea. I will try to write about it sometime in the near future.