Thursday, January 20, 2011

I've always wondered...

If people wanted to me to share more about myself on a personal level.  I'm fairly certain there are those who would prefer if I graphically recounted play experiences, and I'm guessing there are others that would prefer me writing and exploring different topics on an analytical level.

I get a handful of comments and feedback (all of which I am grateful for) but not enough to really know what to write sometimes. Maybe it's best during those times that I just draw hehe. 


  1. Hi Fur,

    I think it's a refreshing change that you don't go into a lot of detail regarding your play experiences. There are plenty of blogs that's are graphic enough in that regard and only a handful that look at and try to analyse the psychology of D/s relationships which I think you do quite well.


  2. Thank you, rfoj, I will keep that in mind.