Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thoughts on submissive/sissy names and the pronoun game

I've served several women over the years, most of which have sissified me to some extent and the ones I was with for longer than a month always developed some sort of nickname for me.

I've been called pet, slave, my first initial, slut, sissy, etc. but I've never been given a girl's name.  The idea of being given a girl's name doesn't really do it for me although I know that's a common thing to do with Domme's that feminize their subs.  I'm not sure why it has no effect on me, maybe it's that I'm not feminine in the slightest or that I have no aspirations towards womanhood.  I also don't really know if being given one would do it for me, but only since I don't really care to have one.

That being said, when my Mistresses no longer called me by my name, it DOES do it for me.  A little bit of thinking on the subject and I started to analyze what types of nicknames did it for me and which ones didn't. 

What I noticed was that my submissive instincts (aka a hard on) usually stems from nicknames that either reflect status inequalities, depersonalize, or are insulting.  When being called "pet," it's not like saying "my pet," which would have a name, but more stating that I am in fact on the level of a pet. From my experiences, when demeaning/insulting nicknames, a single name is rarely used exclusively.  e.g. If she calls me slut, she will most likely call me whore, bitch, sissy, etc. and use any of them at any time interchangeably (or a combination like sissy bitch, slut whore, and so on).

Pronouns tend to be a bit different, except almost all of them affect me if they are used when I am present and being spoken about as if I'm not even there.  In this context I can see being referred to as "she" doing it for me.  That being said, being called "it" or "the slave" or "the slut" would have a similar effect.  Hell, even addressing me as "you there" or "boy" etc. tend to do it when the mood is right.

I guess all of it would probably have to come down to the context. 

I guess I'm curious as to why Dommes give their feminized subs girl's names, if it's to give them an association with being feminine or because they love it or hate it? 

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