Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cuckold and multi-sub scenarios

Recently, on Domina and anthony's blog The Path Least Chosen they have been discussing the idea of introducing an additional sub into the mix.  This got me thinking a bit about my own D/s relationship both in the past and in the future.

Early on in our relationship when I knew that Mistress had a few kinks that fell into my list of hard limits I had given consent for her to play with other subs as long as it was merely as a Domme playing with a sub and not any romantic or emotional involvement.  She has played with at least four other subs in the 5 years we've been together and in most cases I didn't mind.  The most recent (about 18 months ago) did end up bothering me.  She had changed jobs and our schedules didn't line up very well, so we didn't have much quality time available to us.  Someone on a fur fetish forum contacted me and after some discussion we negotiated a trade.  She would peg him and he would give her a fur coat.  It started out as a casual friendship with some planned out play days but eventually Mistress started spending almost all of her free time with him and I would end up babysitting her son.  This started to hurt my feelings after a while and I voiced that opinion to her.  The idea was that I was to remain her number one and instead we ended up having no play together over the course of a couple of months and she played a couple of times a week with the new guy.  Eventually he found a vanilla girlfriend and that pretty much ended that.  This freedom for her to play eventually led to her drunken attempt to peg one of our vanilla friends while we had a group of friends over last October that I wrote about.  I'm not quite sure my feelings upon having any type of outside relationship with another male sub at this point.

However, as is probably visible in my drawings, my mind has been delving into the realm of adding a female sub into the mix.

A couple of years ago she posted a profile on collarme seeking a female sub to add into the mix but we had little luck.  She would get about 25 male subs a day asking if they could do it and a total of one female sub replied, who happened to be a woman that we had already met with before and rejected us because she didn't find me attractive (even though what we were working towards wasn't any type of involvement with me).  Mistress is bi and has had sexual and kinky experiences with other women in the past.

I guess what I've realized is that I would like to work towards a scenario similar to what I have written about in my "lesbian fantasy" posts.  It is actually something I would like to have happen pretty badly and I would be willing to relinquish my role as number one sub if this were to come about.

A femsub to serve Mistress and outrank me, one that is rather mean in her attempt to dominate Mistress's attention.  Of course, there would have to be fur involved :)

Mistress and I haven't quite healed our relationship fully yet but I think this is something I would like to speak about more seriously in the future.  I should add that I do know that the thought of this type of situation does turn her on quite a bit.

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