Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reflections on fur

Mistress ended up having to work tonight when she thought she had it off.  It gets lonely, especially on weekends.  In case anyone has ever wondered, this is why I am usually only available to blog three to four nights a week, as I don't blog when she is home.

Something else has caught my memory from my chat with Miss Lilly the other night.  I was speaking a bit about the forced feminization in my relationship and reflecting upon it I stated something along the lines of:  if I had known that it would become such a large part of my sexuality I may have refused it from the start.

I was thinking again tonight about how this came into being and I wondered how different things would have been if I had done that.

My primary fetish involving fur always has been for women wearing it.  How different would I be now if I simply served a Venus in furs and the humiliation aspects of forced crossdressing hadn't been involved?

Honestly, I think I would be okay with it but I don't think my level of submission would be as deep as it is now nor the breadth of activities that I arouse me.

Considering that each of the Dommes I have served have seemingly "kept going where the other left off" in terms of using my fur fetish in a twisted way to turn me into a sissy, I have to wonder if others would have kept the same path or not.


  1. My love of fur led to me wanting to feel more feminine and glamorous in order to feel i'm doing justice to fur coat i would be wearing. It now doesn't feel quite right if i wear fur whilst in boy mode.

  2. im jealous, you seem to have had a fun life with your fetishes.

  3. It hasn't always been what I would describe as "fun," but I do consider myself fortunate. Thanks for reading.