Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I stayed up way too late finishing this one...

So... I should have gone to bed several hours ago but I wanted to finish this one.  I think I wrote in one of my dream bondage posts about a punishment box.  This is one form that has shown up in my dreams.

As for the drawing, I have one that isn't cropped at the legs... but I added the legs as an afterthought at the last minute (I had planned to have it cut off there) and didn't like how they turned out.  I can post the "with legs" version if people want to see it.  This version feels better focused.


  1. this is a fantastic scenerio and i have often thought long about being boxed. I have in the past made a couple of boxes ... i must post some of this to my blog .... I love the inability to protect your head in this picture - and i also particularly love the access to the hands to change mittens without any resistance :-).
    There is a great story i have recently come across on the confining clothing yahoo group which describes an 'orphan box' which not only confines the body in this way - but describes an addiional 'head box' which can be bolted in place one the victim is already boxed :-)

  2. Thank you, mittens.

    In this case the hands being outside the box is more to keep them from being able to touch or protect the body. If you can imagine an itch when in such a predicament it would definitely be quite nightmarish. The cuffs outside the box are to prevent the hands from squirming at all or interfering with the sliding panels from being locked.

    I couldn't really show it well in the drawing but in this case the feet and ass are exposed and confined in similar ways that the head and hands are.

    I know if I was actually in this type of situation I would want the box to be fully padded and comfortable but in my dreams the versions have usually had rods on the inside poking and prodding at the body from all directions.

  3. would be kind of interesting if the box was lined with fur too :-)

  4. and another idea would be the poor slave in a fur trim parka so that his head can be sealed up too ... maybe you could try another version of this drawing ??

  5. Hehe. I know if I was to actually be subjected to a box I would prefer it to be fur lined and comfortable. I don't know why my dreams are so disturbing like that :P

    I will see if I get the desire to do some modifications to this one later on. It took me about 7 hours to finish this drawing and it's often hard for me to revisit things that aren't still "in the works."