Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Woman's Work is Never Done... Unless...

I did another drawing based upon Lady Grey's "A Woman's Work is Never Done... Unless She Owns a male slave" suggestion and continued it as a theme.

I also made some modifications to the last drawing to meet her request for having the sissy chained to the snow shovel.  I also added a dog tether that is meant to lead to an ankle cuff.  The tether would have turned out better as chain but chains take a very long time and are difficult to make any changes. 


  1. Very nice, Fur. I really like the new one with the chain going to the wrists while our poor slave is scrubbing the floor. If you ever do one where he's naked, it would be nice to have the chain attached from his wrists to his balls. That would remind me of how things usually are at my house!

    And, I do like the tether in the shovel drawing, as well as the wrist chains. Just keeps getting better. Thank you for all of your efforts - maybe it will help take your mind off the damned depression.

  2. Thank you, Lady Grey.

    I had planned on going for some awkwardly contorted position of having to scrub a floor with wrists attached by a 6" chain to the balls... but alas I'm not good enough to draw something like that so I had to settle for working from a model of someone scrubbing. the chains from the wrist to collar had to suffice.

    I'm glad you like the changes I made to the shovel drawing. Suggestions are definitely helping keep my mind occupied.

    Thank you again.

  3. Wow, I love your drawings. So does Mr. Lilly. It's wonderful that you have identified and accepted what you are.

  4. Thank you, Miss Lilly.

    I started following your blog the other day and I look forward to seeing it develop :)

    Hopefully I'll be back to reading and commenting on blogs soon as well as writing some more of my posts and not just drawings.