Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chastity Device Reviews

I've been writing a lot about chastity lately but I realize I haven't done any writing upon actual chastity devices.

I have used four types of chastity over the years:  A Houdini knock-off, a CB-2000, a CB-3000, and a CB-6000. 

None of these have proven to be very successful for long-term use for me, but here goes some info.  If you want better in-depth reviews you are best off searching sites for chastity enthusiasts.

A quick note is that there are two kinds of penises:
-Type 1 Penis:  A penis that is nearly the same size (or only slightly larger) when erect vs. when flaccid.  For these types of penises an erection mostly makes the penis stand upright but the size increase is rarely more than 1.5x.
-Type 2 Penis: A penis that is much larger when erect vs. when flaccid.  People with these types of penises are usually below average (small) when flaccid but then have a 2-4x size increase when erect.

The Houdini.  These are basically one handcuff and a with a metal penis tube welded on it.  The handcuff fits around the cock and balls, securing it in place and the tube prevents your dick from getting hard.

Price:  $100-300

Comfort:  C
These things are heavy.  I mean, heavy for something that is going to be carried by your genitals.  The handcuff proves an interesting challenge.  Go too loose and you can slip out.  Go too tight and you can cut off circulation.  If you aren't careful, you might pinch your scrotum in the hinge.  These are probably best used with a collar and a chain connecting to the cuff to help alleviate the weight burden.

Security: B
Not on par with a full metal waist belt or piercing required tube but this isn't something that could be easily cut off.

Sanitary:  B
You can't wash the part of your penis that's inside the tube without a great deal of effort but when you pee, your penis sticks out a little beyond the end of the tube so this is fairly easy.  Depending upon the tube curvature you may need to sit while urinating.

Durability: A
It's steel.  With semi-regular maintenance it should last a long time.

Not ideal for long-term wear since it can't pass a metal detector.  Shaved pubes recommended to avoid catching them in the latch.  This can be a pain to get on if you are battling an erection.

The CB-2000.  The CB-2000 was pretty much the first low-cost chastity device (under $200) and was even featured a little blurb on the Daily Show in the 90's.  It's pretty much made of plastic with a cock ring that links to a cage. 

Cost:  $100-150

Comfort: B+
The edges are rounded and smooth.  There's not a lot of pinch risk except occasionally the padlock can grab some skin if you are attempting an erection and skin goes through the bars of the cock cage.  The biggest problem with the 2000 is getting the right fit.  The plastic pins that link the ring to the cage point towards you.  This basically means when you put it on when brand new it's going to be uncomfortable as hell since the skin above your junk is getting gouged.  You have to trim and file the pins to the appropriate length but it's hard to know what length since experimenting with the various cock ring sizes and spacers will all lead to the same gouge problem.

Security: C
This doesn't come anywhere near a belt design or one of Mistress Lori's chastity tubes but it is simple and effective.  You could cut your way out rather easily.  Where this device fails is in cases of extremely tight or extremely loose scrotum.  A tight scrotum may actually pull a testicle back through the rings and is very painful but also gets you free.  With a loose scrotum the wearer to pull forward then down and they can actually get their penis all the way out and be able to put it back in undetected.  The points of intrigue and other add-ons were developed to prevent this.

Sanitary: C+
It is relatively easy to clean yourself with the use of swabs and you dry quickly but depending upon the size of your penis when flaccid and erect and whether or not you are circumcised, urination can be tricky to get your aim down.

Durability: C+
It's plastic but seemed to hold up better than the 3000/Curve/6000.

Once you get it sized right it is fairly comfortable but it can be tricky to get both testicles and your cock through the solid ring.   One of the upsides is that the penis can still be teased through the bars.  This will work with both shaved and hairy genitals (although with a lot of hair you will probably lose 1-2 pubes each time you put it on).  The 2000's parts work interchangeably with the 3000 and the Curve.

Individually serial numbered single use plastic locks are included for passing metal detectors.

The CB-2000 is best suited for people with penises that are average to small when flaccid.  This model has now been discontinued but if you can still find one, it's probably on clearance for under $100.

The CB-3000.  The 3000 (and its immediate predecessor the Curve) fixed a lot of issues with the 2000 but created some new issues.  It works interchangeably with the parts for the 2000 but the cage and rings have been changed a bit.

Price $150-170

Comfort: C+
The 3000 is easier to put on than the 2000 since the rings are hinged and it reduces the struggle with getting your junk through.  The downside is that the back of the cage (that presses against the skin on the scrotum and crotch area) is not rounded, so it has much larger chafe potential.  Lube/lotion recommended.   The cage portion is now mostly closed off and shaped a bit more ergonomically like a penis.  You have almost no access to contact with the penis with this cage.  That being said, if your junk isn't sitting right when you lock it on, it won't be able to adjust itself unless you have lubed the inside of the tube.  The 3000 still had the same fitting issues as the 2000 since you had to trim the pins.

Security: C+
It's still plastic, but it was slightly more difficult for someone with a loose scrotum to pull out and go back in than the 2000.  There were additional after-market accessories sold to increase security.  The tight scrotum testicle pull through is significantly more painful with a 3000 than the 2000 and to eliminate that you are faced with the option of reducing the spacer size and chafing more or running the risk of it happening with a more comfortable fit.

Sanitary: C-
More difficult to clean than the 2000.  Drying is a lot harder as well and I remember reading people used a hair dryer.  If you have a type 2 penis or are uncircumcised and you have been alternating between attempting erections and flaccid, you may find it difficult to urinate without ending up with pee all over the end of your dick. 

Durability: C-
I'm sure the rivets on the cock rings will eventually fail but the main problem was having the cage split down the sonic weld line.  This didn't happen all that often but it was reported enough to note it.

One of the big negatives of this design is that the air vents are located on top and on the bottom of the cage.  If you have a large type 1 penis there was a chance that the skin on the top of your penis might get pinched by the lock.  The CB-3000 includes the identical base parts to the Curve but has a different cage portion (and it is compatible with the CB-2000 as well).  The Curve was released first but that was meant for people that were 4" or longer when flaccid.  The 3000 was released as a follow up and is a better fit to those who are 2-3" in length when flaccid.

Pubic shaving/trimming is recommended as pubic hairs can get pinched in the ring when you close it in addition to the same minor pinch potential from the locking post.

Individually serial numbered single use plastic locks are included for passing metal detectors.

The CB-6000.  The CB-6000 is pretty much an upgrade to the 3000. 

Price: $150-200.

Comfort: B-
Fitting is much easier with the CB-6000 since the pins now point AWAY from the body.  Putting it on is a bit trickier in some ways but easier in the others.  The downside is that you really need to be shaved to put it on.  The way the the plates sandwich together will pinch and tear out long pubic hairs.  The cock rings are now rectangular on the edges which increases scrotum chafing but reduced tight scrotum testicular pull through.  The cage portion has the same chafe potential as the 3000 but due to the redesigned ring a longer spacer can usually be used.  The 6000 suffers from the same "junk adjustment" issues as the 3000.

Security: C++
It's not enough of a bump over the 3000 to give it a B-.  The new cock ring shape makes it SLIGHTLY harder to pull out and they have designed after-market accessories to make this more difficult.

Sanitary: C-
Identical to the 3000 in its cleaning/sanitation issues.

Durability: C
Similar reports of cage splitting as with the 3000 but it seems to be less frequent (although the 6000 hasn't been in production for as long as the 3000 has).

The air vents have been moved to the sides to prevent the lock pinch.  The locking post is now oblong instead of round so the lock cannot rotate which reduces noise and prevents the lock being able to do undesirable things.  Pubic shaving is a must.  The 6000 is not compatible with previous versions, but there is a newer version of the cage, the 6000s which is shorter and a better fit for type 2 penises it should reduce the lubing and urine issues. 

Individually serial numbered single use plastic locks are included for passing metal detectors.

I doubt anyone really wants to know about my cock but since these reviews included a lot of special case scenarios I should probably mention a little bit.  I have a VERY tight scrotum, a type 2 penis, and I'm not circumcised. 

If I had to choose between all of these... it would be between the 2000 and the 6000.  The 2000 is comfortable except that Mistress doesn't want me to have "old man balls," and extensive use will cause significant stretching of my scrotum.  The testicular pull through I mentioned has happened several times, was never intentional and was horribly painful, and I'm not able to get an erection for almost a day after it happens. 

We have a 6000s cage on the way and I may give some follow-up review depending upon how that goes. 

I will note that I've had some pretty bad/good torment over the years with chastity (even though it hasn't been extensive use).  I have some rabbit fur handcuff covers that one Mistress put on the Houdini cuff.  One Mistress got some rabbit fur hair scrunchies and then would loop them on like a cock ring behind the balls while the CB's were on. 


  1. A well written review. I have a CB-6000S. My domme wants me to wear it only when we are apart, which is fairly rare. I enjoy the physical sensations of the device, although I don't like to wear it at work, mainly for hygiene reasons. Her objection is the hardness of the polycarbonate when we cuddle at night. I am looking into the Birdlock; that seems to be a good fit for us (so to speak). Do you have any opinion on the Birdlock? I am having a hard time finding balanced reviews on it, and it is a bit pricey to just "go for it". I have a "low hanging" sack, which seems to be amenable to the Birdlock, as most complaints are related to men with high or tight sacks. Any help is appreciated....

    And, I just found your blog and enjoy your writing :)

  2. Thank you, LTS. It seems hard to find really accurate CB reviews that actually get to some details about how they'll fit. Most worry more about security and durability. I haven't tried a Birdlock as those didn't exist when we were purchasing devices. While flexible might go for comfort, my brain says that it doesn't have as much "oomph." Then again, I bitch enough about discomfort from CB's that maybe it's the way to go. If others with tight sacks are having issues I probably would too... guessing that the silicone probably sticks to the skin and pulls.

  3. Thanks for your response. I have a different set of criteria than most men. "Security" is not at the top of my list. My Queen prefers the honor system. If I am locked in a CB, it is because I locked myself up because I felt like I couldn't hold out anymore (while my domme would be disappointed in that, she much prefers that I lock than to have an unauthorized orgasm) or because she wants me locked. For now, that means when we are away, which isn't very often. I don't foresee myself actually "cheating" by pulling out.

    Hygiene is #1 for me. I never really got the hang of how to keep clean. I am nervous that I would smell funky when she decided to unlock me, which would really be a letdown for both of us. I could sense we were on the same page by the grades you gave for hygiene. Comfort would be my second criterion. I never really had much of a problem with the respect.

    I don't know if she would be more interested in keeping me locked if I had a 'squishy' device. She has authorized me to purchase one, but frankly, I think she really enjoys feeling my erections against her as she falls asleep. I am not sure that our usage time is worth it. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks LTS.

    Security aspects do more for my subspace than fit an actual physical need.

    I know for long-term wear hygiene and comfort take top priority. Unless you are serious about chastity it's tough to really sink the money in, but at the same time, without comfort and hygiene you don't know if you'll be serious about it... and you don't really find that out until after you buy one.

  5. Thanks for that great review...

    I'm currently wearing the CB3000... still finding the perfect combination of ring size and adjustments. After a few weeks I (my Mistress) found a combination that I can't get of, but where I can sleep at night. Though I was not allowed to masturbate or touch my penis before she locked him, it is a very different feeling to be unable to use it. Your review actually helped finding my first real cage.

    Thanks a lot for this!


  6. Thank you for the feedback, Sissy.

    There is definitely something psychological about being locked up.

    I hope you're able to find a good fitting.

    1. the fitting is really the hardest thing... There are hardly any good tutorials *lol* ... honestly: I think most of us try a pretty small ring first and forget about the pain the erection causes then ;)

    2. Yes, it seems no one really shares their secrets.

      I started with the largest ring but then experienced the excruciating pain of having your testicle get sucked through between the rings due to a tight scrotum.

    3. well stuck testicles are very very painful... what I found out is to use medical long lasting lube (med. silcon oil) helps best so the skin doesn't stick to the ring...

      and the other lesson: talk to your Mistress/domme/whatever... it's a situation where you need to trust each other!

  7. This is a very old post, but I'm interested in your opinion.

    I find these devices very unappealing: they are just emphasizing that you are different, you have something there, and just making it even more bulging out in beautiful panties or tight trousers. I have seen belts that are offering more feminine curves and a smooth flat front surface, but those are typically made of metal with rubbery edges... and usually way more expensive. Brands are like neosteel, my-steel; there are non-custom made ones as well way cheaper, maybe to "try out" the experience.

    I'm wondering if you have any personal experience with any of those? Thank you in advance, kvaat

  8. Thanks for writing, kvaat.

    I do not have any experience with full metal belt designs but I am familiar with them as well as the "she-male" options you are referring to. My Mistress isn't a big chastity enthusiast so they were never something we could justify the price since it wasn't part of our long-term lifestyle. I was also wary since if you have "non-standard" genitals, e.g. a tight scrotum, aren't circumcised, etc. many devices can be severely uncomfortable and would have hated to spend several hundred dollars on an item that might not fit well (it's generally obvious within 2 minutes of putting it on).

    My feminization has never been even remotely close to passing as a woman so the bulge factor never really came into play.

  9. Thank you,

    Well, I would not call myself a chastity enthusiast either, I have never tried it for real. What I find very intriguing is the beautiful, lovely, flat look and feel. I would not pass as a woman ether *sigh*, but I still like and wear certain feminine clothing, perfume - I take inspiration from your lists as well :). So this belt... it would be more... for me, this feeling, this softness, the curviness, the flat and cool touch and this constant pressure and reminder - what I also heard is that the lower shield padlock is in the "right place" as well, if my hand would wander down for touching. So this is why i was asking if you had any experience. Well, but thank you :)