Monday, January 2, 2012

Discontinued D/s Product - Her Delight

Several years ago, the company that developed the CB-X000 line of chastity devices, came out with a dildo-type add-on that worked with the existing CB cock rings (it was compatible with the 2000, 3000, and the Curve).  The product was known as "Her Delight" and it was basically a fairly large dildo that fit over your penis and was held in place by the ring and some posts.  The device could be attached in two different ways:  with a locking pin that would insert through the top at the base or it could be locked in in the same style as the cage portion of the CB line.  The top pin was to keep a padlock from hurting the woman.

I pre-ordered this product when it was in its development phase and received one from the first shipment of 1,000.  I remember reading about "issues" people had with them and I believe there was a second production run that improved a few of the cosmetic molding defects of the first batch.  There were plans to redesign the shape (and making it smaller), but I believe it ended up being scrapped and this item has not been available for several years.

I remember buying it on a whim and it turned me on quite a bit when I thought of it.  I wasn't sure why exactly, but it probably has to do with humiliation and the inherent male insecurity that seems to plague every man with a cock is smaller than 8 inches.  I remember when we got it that Mistress was like "I'm sure I won't like it, I only like real dicks inside of me, and besides, I don't like them that big."  Finally we found a time to use it.

I'm not sure how deep-vagina'd the people that were having issues with the lock scraping the woman, but I don't think she ever got within an inch of where the lock would be and with most of her thrusts when she rode it, I felt G-spot impact against her vaginal wall before she was even two inches from the base. 

I always try to pay very close attention to the woman while having sex.  I check her breathing patterns, watch for sudden inhalation/exhalation when I hit certain spots, monitor where the air is being pushed from when she moans (head/throat/chest/diaphragm), and try to keep track of her internal muscle spasms so I know when to back off and when to go in hard and fast.  Her Delight made this even easier since I didn't have to try and keep from cumming... I just had to direct its aim and meet her thrusts with mine. 

What I noticed when we used Her Delight... is that she was moaning from deeper than ever before.  Her orgasms were intense and much more frequent.  Her eyes looked through me instead of at me... as she was completely in the zone and it was like I wasn't even there.  It took roughly 45 minutes before she collapsed in exhaustion (this would usually take 1.5-3 hours with normal sex) and she was panting and sweating with a huge grin on her face... she was absolutely glowing. She lay there cooing for about 15 minutes before unlocking my wrist restraints.  She just said "let's take a shower."

In the shower we made out and I could tell she was still turned on but completely satiated while she started to twist my nipples and ordered me to jerk off.  After I came we kissed and hugged and her eyes were tearing up a bit.  I asked her if she enjoyed it but she didn't answer.  I told her it was okay to tell me and it turned me on to see her orgasm that hard.  She then told me she hadn't said anything because she didn't want to hurt my feelings and that started an odd cycle of giving feedback while trying to be as nice as possible:
"Honestly... I loved it.  I still prefer the intimacy of real sex though.  I don't think I've cum that hard before, but I still prefer the feel of a real penis."

I replied with, "it's better when it's really big, isn't it?"  She just nodded and looked sad, like she had hurt me.  Almost immediately I had another throbbing hard on even though I had just came several minutes ago.  I whispered in her ear, "it's okay, I loved seeing you orgasm that hard, it makes me happy.  And besides... it turns me on to hear that."  I went down on her and we were in the shower a long time.  It's true that it wasn't flesh and blood, but it was still very intimate.

Sadly, we only used Her Delight once more and haven't touched it since.

I still haven't quite figured out the exact subspace trigger here but I think it was a combination of things:
-I was basically reduced to the role of a dildo stand.
-The feelings of shame and inadequacy being out shined by the intensity of her orgasms but then looping back on itself since she orgasmed harder when it wasn't really me.
-The emasculation by her attempts to avoid saying she liked it better even though I knew that was true.

Who knows?  It's kind of strange that it was discontinued because women complained it was too big in both length and girth but this also happened to be why it worked well for us and why it remains such a vivid memory to me.


  1. How interesting that you never used it again, despite the fact that she had her most intense orgasm ever. I get the impresssion that since she had the choice of using it again, she didn't because she either felt it was insulting to you, or she just didn't like the thought of an artificial cock inside of her. I can understand the latter, but the former surprises me a bit in that it seems contrary to a point of view based on dominance.

    What do you think? Does her love for you and concern for your feelings supersede her pleasure at the intensity of her orgasm with the fake cock? If so, I find it quite touching that she'd make a choice like that. You might want to think about this when you're depressed and questioning the relationship. Few dominant women would have made such a decision based on their love for their sub.

    Of course, if it were simply that she doesn't like the feel of a fake cock, it does put you in the awkward position of realizing (as you two reluctantly noted) that your normal or smaller size cock can never give her an orgasm as intense as the one she reached with Her Delight.

    Poor males! So much to think about! It's so easy to fuck with your heads when dealing with your cocks. You just can't win, can you?

  2. Thank you, Lady Grey.

    I'm not quite sure why it only got used twice. It uses several small and easily lost proprietary parts so it was a bit inconvenient and not something that you really pull out in the heat of the moment. Now that I think about it, we did use it a third time but I was holding it instead of wearing it.

    I think she was a bit conflicted because she did love me a lot and any time she would flip through the channels and find some infomercial for penis enlargement medicine with a panel of women all talking about how "size matters" she would scoff at it. With that principle and her disposition that she didn't like the feeling of fake cocks, I think the orgasm intensity caught her off guard and she felt a bit guilty enjoying it as much as she did.

    Another major factor is that within a month of our second use was the first major BPD-driven argument we ever had. I had made her some beans and rice for lunch and made myself a tuna sandwich. She had the TV on loudly and I was in the kitchen with the dishwasher running when she said she wanted a tuna sandwich too and I didn't hear her. She blew up on me for not entering the living room with a sandwich (her son was home and had a friend over) and our friends arrived a couple of minutes later to her screaming at me at the top her lungs and her carrying my possessions outside. It was a bit awkward and to our friends and her son's (best) friend never came over again after that. Those types of fights became a regular, once a month occurrence after that.

    About six months later she developed a bone spur on her hip that prevented her from straddling me. This has recently been repaired with surgery. We only attempted intercourse twice after that fight, once successfully, and once that didn't happen due to hip pain. Since then our sexual interactions have been limited to my hands, mouth, sex toys, or pegging.

    I do appreciate her willingness to care for my feelings but at the same time I'm not sure if she understood what a huge submissive trigger it was for me. I can't really see it with a clear mind because that was sort of the point that things started to go down hill.

    I know from previous comments that you have left that you aren't a proponent of humiliating a man for his penis size and I'm guessing your question was rhetorical, but I sort of enjoy the aspect of always losing :) Knowing that something or someone else could do it better is very motivating for me to go all out any chance I get and it does wonders for my subspace.

    Thank you again.

  3. Rhetorical and somewhat frustrated. Men are so centered upon their cocks that it's pathetically simple to mind fuck them. Is it long enough, wide enough, hard enough? Can it sustain its erection long enough to please his Dom? How do I compare with other men? Does she want a different cock? A better cock? A longer lasting cock? On and on, ad nauseum.

    A simple "cock negative" harangue from his Dom can ruin a sub virtually forever, and many Doms take great joy in doing so. I have no interest in that little game. I like cocks, and I like what they can do inside of me if I allow it. I like them to be "confidant", anxious to please, anxious to be used, and I feel that demeaning them is cheap and counterproductive. It's no fun to have them in a state of permanent wiltage because I've made them ashamed of themselves. I find it much more exciting to control a cock that feels it can and would love to please me. Then, making it my own has some meaning. Controlling and dominating the raging beast, frustrating and/or rewarding it at my whim is much more satisfying than beating a dead horse, so to speak.

    I've probably gone a bit off the subject here, but that's what you get when you bring up penis humiliation. I hope some of my rant resonates with you.

  4. Thank you for the extensive response, Lady Grey.

    My apologies if I contributed to your frustration as I know rhetorical questions aren't meant to be answered. I'm prone to making an ass of myself for that.

    I think I understand where you're coming from both from the dominance aspect and male foolishness. I've learned over the years that love, devotion, obedience, and dedication on a sub's part as well as the emotional bond between dominant and submissive always trump something like penis size. If anything is important about the cock, it's that it's under her control.