Sunday, January 1, 2012

More chastity randomness

So tonight I decided while Mistress is gone at work I would wear a CB while posting and drawing.  It's been about four hours now and I feel completely agitated and I just want to tear it off and/or scream.  If I wasn't able to remove it whenever I want to I'd probably be whimpering by now.  I'm not really sure if this means I'm well-suited for chastity or ill-suited for chastity?

I can't help but think this is a miserable experience but at the same time I kind of like the misery. 

It did get me thinking a bit though.  Just how pathetic are men that the need for an orgasm can become such a driving force that they'll do anything and everything to get a temporary release for an orgasm?  You squirt once and then the lock goes back on to repeat the process.  It seems almost natural to take advantage of that. 

I can only try to imagine what it would be like to be a dominant key-holder.  Unless the person is pretty much a stranger that you don't care about, I honestly think this would be somewhat of a double-edged sword.  The upside is that you could correct pretty much any behavior with the threat (or reality) of extending the chastity period.  Whimpering and begging?  That's cute.  Whimpering and begging to the point of annoying?  Add a week.  Make a mistake or forget something?  Add a week.  Break a rule?  Add a week. 

The downside is that if you want to be consistent and strict but still want to have sex with the locked up penis, it's a hard balance to find.  I guess a potential solution would be to still have sex but not allow him to cum.  This will put his self-control to the test and it might not be as fulfilling as you'd want it to be.  Another option would be to use desensitizing lotion on it and two or three condoms to try to boost his endurance but that is a lot of work to go through just to hope for decent sexual performance.

There-in lies the problem.  To use chastity as a domination tool a Domme runs the risk of depriving herself some pleasure.  This leads me to believe that chastity is better suited simply to assist in subspace and self-control, for fixed durations, or in cases where the sub won't ever be released (except for possibly cleaning).  Attempting to fluctuate the release date as a carrot probably isn't the best choice overall unless you aren't sexually involved with the one locked in chastity or don't mind only getting "other" forms of sexual interaction. 


  1. My question is, you have a Mistress. Why are you determining when and how and where you should wear a chastity device?
    Is this not your Mistresses choice and duty?
    You are in fact, playing slave and Mistress? Or shall I say, Dominant and submissive; to yourself?
    I understand this is an experiment for you but, this is what your Mistress should be doing unto you; thus you finding a more relevant and positioning within your submissive desires.
    Would it not been more satisfying for you and Her; knowing you are locked away for Her pleasure and demand while She is away?

  2. Very valid questions, Mistress Misty.

    My relationship with my Mistress could best be described as "rocky." We have some pretty severe ups and downs and over the past few years there have been more downs than ups (several of which I have discussed in some fairly recent posts). Our D/s interaction has become sporadic due to her moods and behavior problems with her son. Lately it feels a bit like we are an old married couple that has let the flame die. I still try to ignite the spark when I am comfortable that she is in a stable mood. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    I agree that in a perfect situation it would be up to her and that would be more satisfying for both of us. Resorting to experimenting on myself to get my D/s fix isn't something I'm proud of and I wish it wasn't this way.

  3. Well FS
    I can fully understand your dilemmas in your relation. Trying to keep the "spark" alive is commendable; I wish you well and hope that one day you will find and fulfill all your desires.

  4. Thank you, Mistress Misty.

    I'm sure there are times where it seems like I'm living in Pretendsville, but the current state of our relationship isn't something I have ever wished for, nor was it always this way. I'm just stuck in a position where I feel submissive more often than she feels dominant.

    In a perfect world it would be more doing and less thinking, reality instead of hypothesis, and honestly, I wouldn't mind a situation that was so strict that I would have access to computers or the internet.

    Thank you again for your thoughts.

  5. Indeed! I have always wondered how slaves can play at will on the computer.
    There has to be a balance between slave and Mistress; where BOTH parties are committed to the life. A tad difficult when only one party is doing all the work.