Monday, November 5, 2012

Missing Everyone

I never realized just how much I needed to interact with people here until recently.

It seems a whole lot of people I used to exchange comments with have gone inactive and I'm really missing it. 


  1. I am here and others will return!

    I understand you on that... Never thought how important it is too "meet" with people who don't judge me... And freely share thoughts and feelings.


  2. I'm still here. Busy at the moment, but I drop in when you catch my specific interests.

  3. I think many people here don't get as many meaningful comments as they would like to.

    While there is quite a number of people around who engage in some kind of BDSM/femdom/FLR/kinky activities, people whose lifestyle and sentiments are sufficiently close to one's own to allow for a regular exchange of comments are usually hard to come by.

    But of course it is worse if you once had them and now they are gone.

  4. Hello, Tamara.

    I have never had a huge number of comments left here but there were a handful of regulars that I enjoyed communicating with both through blog comments and private email. A couple of them have popped up now that I've been posting again but there are a few that have left the blog community and/or gone inactive over the past couple of months.