Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pondering "what if?"

Last night I started thinking about the path that my life has followed through D/s and it got me wondering whether or not it would have progressed in a similar way if my early Femdom experiences had been less intense and/or of a shorter duration.

I have known enough Femdom couples to where I think that my beliefs on the progressive escalation of D/s intensity over time are probably true.  I also know that there are tendencies for one or both parties to hit plateaus that may provide plenty of happiness for long periods of time.

I guess I'm just curious if it would have delayed my desires for ultra-high intensity or if it would have played out nearly the same.  I know it's impossible to tell for sure but that doesn't mean I can't dabble in the hypotheticals.


  1. Possibly you might have discovered a happy space based on your deep submission, rather than become hooked on the intense kick of intense humiliation?

  2. I'm not sure, but that is a possibility.

    There's also the chance i would have ended up as is, it may have just taken longer.