Friday, July 8, 2016

I'm going to whine more about Arc 6

I think I have finally understood what is bothering me about writing this arc.  In the absence of meaningful emotional contact between fs and Cassandra, it's not reaching me on the same emotional level as some of the precious arcs.  While Arc 6 is based off of a fatasy I had initially hoped to draw as a comic, I am struggling to write it out in words and like part 2 in the first arc, portions that I had hoped to cover in 1-2 pages of comic panels are coming off a bit too harsh and are taking me 3000+ words.  It is also turning out a bit too fantasy for what I had hoped.

That being said I do plan to finish this arc as planned and it will likely be the longest arc of them all.  Arc 7 will likely return to a more realistically sustainable lifestyle dynamic.

Unless I find a way to really fast forward the parts I expect another 10-20k words or more in Arc 6.

If you are enjoying this arc please let me know if there are specific aspects that "speak to you" and I can try to carry those over into the future.


  1. I just read your last entry which is the first in the "bag carrying in the snow" segment, and since you're asking for specific feedback, here goes. I think the task is just too herculean. It goes beyond what I imagine is actually doable. The level of cruelty is not believable in a crew of post-graduate ladies working on an experiment. Of all of your fantasies, this is far and away just too, too much, and - as you say - the absence of meaningful emotional contact does not jive with the preceding episodes. Sorry to be negative, and perhaps later episodes will convince me that this road you're taking is actually describing something possible. I'm sure I'll be commenting further down the road.......

    1. Thank you for the honest feedback, Lady Grey. It didn't take me long to realize that I had written myself into a corner that was going to take a crapload of work to write myself out of. The actual activity is based upon something I experienced during "hell week" in football practice in 100 degree heat and two-a-days. The down and back distance is very doable within the time frame (although I do admit the 12 hours is a stretch) it's just absolute misery. My experience was 30-45 seconds to move an 80 lb bag 50 yards + 50 more without the bag. This was the joys of having the entire team be punished for 3-4 people slacking off during practice.

      Once I wrote in some tenderness and intimacy it became much easier to write but I do regret having gone in this direction in the first place.

      I have received some feedback via email that has been fairly positive. I do hope to write myself out of this arc fairly soon and get back to something that is a bit more enjoyable for me.