Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Random thoughts on winter

You'd think with a moniker like fur sissy that I'd be more of a fan of winter... but alas I don't think very highly of the cold and fur isn't part of my day to day repertoire.  Winter here tends to get a bit miserable and dark.


  1. Yes, it is dark and gloomy here too... However it also easier to wear more beautiful things when it is dark and not just during the night. It also gives a huge amount of fur-spotting opportunities :).

    So maybe you should add fur to your wardrobe, so you can enjoy. I was suggesting those vagina-jackets before (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4cRR3LNN2U), but you are chickening out due to your build and size. However I still believe it is possible to find someone to custom make items - with Etsy around it should not be impossible to find someone to make something for you that you would enjoy and love. It does not need to be a jacket to begin with, you can start with something to your budget, furriers really know what is good for you and your budget, trust them.

    1. Thank you, kvaat.

      It's funny because I live in one of the colder states but there are very few people that wear fur here outside of the airport or church. There are a lot of people that believe themselves to be politically conscious but they don't have actual beliefs on it and are fine with sheepskin, leather, etc. so any type of fur is few and far between in these parts.

      A major reason that I don't dress in that way is because it's not something that is a drive of mine by itself... only within certain dynamics.

    2. I think it is about how slowly fashion spreads. Usually it is like this, first things come out at shows, then a big brand name starts to sell it... very expensive (for example Moncler or Mr&Mr Furs), then come the copies and then copies of copies, etc. Local companies focusing on a smaller markets usually are several years behind. (For example the Mackage clones arrived this year to one of the local brands here. Mr&MrsFurs clones are not even here yet, but I already see clones in the UK... or the slavic countries for example.

      Here there have been a big gap in fur fashion, very long, like 12-15 years, and it started coming back maybe 3 years ago, first om pompom bobble hats (it was even called a "Stockholm hat" in the news, which is of course odd, because they are just copying too), then on collars and now the collars keep growing following the fashion slowly.

      What I've read, I think at LadyFurs' blog is that 2015 was THE BEST year for fur sellers in a very long time.

      Anyway, so this is a fashion thing I believe, and fashion spreads horribly slow, even with the age of the internet and people traveling and mixing a lot.

    3. Locally I often gauge mass popularity based upon what shows up in local retailers. For example, each year I check the fall collections at the upscale department stores and later contrast it to places that are lower on the food chain. You are correct about the copies and copies of copies. Due to availability of fur or even faux fur, I have a bit of a skewed perspective on how "in" something is for the mass populace. Target is what I use as a benchmark for mainstream appeal since they tend to cater to middle class and upper middle class younger white women (which make up a large portion of who lives here). They had no faux fur from around 1992-2005 but they have had it since 2005. Here, this is the year the "giant pompom beanie" hit target.

      In 2005-2006 those were the last years that real fur made it to lower end department stores.

      By the time the vagina jacket became popular here (2 years ago) they were nearly all faux. Sadly, the local retailer that used to be our source for affordable fur bowed to pressure and stopped carrying real fur in 2013.

      The other big damper is that if T has no desire to pursue D/s activities, I require the forced aspects to make fur an active part of my life.