Saturday, March 11, 2017

I Encountered a new D/s Philosophy Part 2

Now that I have had a chance to really organize my thoughts on this I have come to a realization that it was actually a bigger picture idea that was my hangup and in the previous post I trapped myself a bit on a few specifics.

In the more general sense I think it is because having a very strict and controlling set of dynamics is something that is not reached very easily.  In most cases where I see these relationships flourishing, it took years to reach that point.  Years of training, behavioral correction, and a well-developed trust in order to facilitate the required intensity.

By steering clear of punishment it makes two large statements:
1. You must be (nearly) perfect in your behavior as you are right now.
2. You must have the mental fortitude to over-ride any external distraction.

That is a very, very tall order.  I guess I just tend to feel that this type of submissive is created, not born.  They must be guided and trained in order to reach this point.  While they will develop mental tools over time to combat the factors of daily life, that too has a learning curve that takes extensive time and experience to build.

This is where my feelings were "sticking" on this subject. 

I hope this clarifies a bit where I was going with the previous post, I just hadn't found a way to articulate it yet.

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