Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fetish Overlap in a Growing Fantasy World

While reflecting back upon my past and the ever-changing development of particular fetishes and fantasies it caught me as being a bit odd at how easily things can meld together over time as well as how certain things that held no appeal several years ago are arousing to me now.  A lot of my actual (non-fantasy) experiences have had a pretty significant impact upon this as well as some of the conditioned-behaviors I have accumulated over the years in D/s relationships.

I know it's a bit of a gradual process, but my, how quickly do things become one if they become part of the fantasy world you paint for yourself when you masturbate. 

I'm curious if others have experienced this phenomenon. 

It seems that as time passes, certain themes build up with other themes and at that point, the previous solitary themes (that were once arousing) aren't nearly as arousing as the compounded ones.  I've been fortunate to experience most of my fantasies in real life (at least for a brief period) but as my fantasies grow, my desires and cravings grow with them. 

My own example of this growth:
-Attraction to a woman in fur.
-Being submissive to a woman in fur.
-Being a submissive sissy to a woman in fur.
-Being a chaste submissive sissy to a woman in fur.

It scares me a bit of what will come next in this twisted little psyche of mine.  Already I have found myself craving to be dominated by two women, either two Domme lovers, or a Domme with a female sub who ranks "above" me on the power food chain but this has yet to happen.  The bondage scenarios I dream about seem to be getting more and more intense, more corporal punishment (which is odd since I am not a masochist), and greater intensity in general.  It's quite frightening.  Recently I've noticed that the thought of wearing an anal plug and strap on pegging which used to be off-putting to me are now starting to become arousing. 

I know this isn't the safest/sanest path to be moving down but I doubt it will stop and with each passing year I should probably just accept that this is how things are going to progress. 

I guess I just find this odd.  I wonder if this happens to women as much as it does men?

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