Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tactile Pleasure and Discomfort

I know many Dommes out there would describe themselves as sensualists.  Something that I have experienced over the years is the use tactile pleasure and discomfort on a fairly regular basis.  On the pleasure side it's often been used as part of my humiliation, tease & denial, or even as a reward.  On the discomfort side it's been more... hrm... pure suffering?

Materials that come to mind that I think feel really good:
-Fur (big shock here)

Materials that I don't think feel quite as good but are interesting nonetheless:
-Certain soft Leathers (kidskin, lambskin, calfskin, etc.)

It puzzles me a bit that most of these materials only exist in women's clothing, but that's something I wrote about back in March.  What makes sense is that many of the Dommes I have met seem to harbor a lot of preference towards materials that feel good on the skin.  In play, when attempting to tease me, these similar materials have been used to evoke a positive result.

They make items for women like fur bra liners/nipple warmers and plenty of pleasing undergarments.  I'm curious if any Dommes out there have ever used pleasurable materials in clothing as a reward for their sub or to keep their sub in a state of arousal?

e.g. undershirts or underwear of a particular material or having some of a pleasurable material attached inside their undergarments over the nipples or genitals with hemming tape, etc.

On the flip-side of this are materials that are rough and irritating to the skin.  Certain wools and felts can be quite scratchy and rough but going even farther, what about materials like burlap and sand paper?  I've experienced some of these as some rather torturous play before but it's never gone beyond that.  I have read of cases of Dommes gluing/taping/stitching some of the unpleasant materials over the nipples inside of undershirts so that their subs would have constantly aroused and raw, tender nipples but these cases have been few and far between. 

I can only imagine spending a day at work with burlap squares constantly rubbing my nipples and/or genitals.  That would be quite unpleasant.  I also have seen certain sissy maid outfits that are made out of stiff, rough, and scratchy materials to be used as punishment (these will usually lock on). 

I'm curious if anyone else out there has integrated these types of things into every-day use or if they think that either of these cases would be a good idea?


  1. My husband/sub has a tee shirt with the logo of his favorite sports team on the front. Actually, he has several, but the one I'm referring to has the logo piece sewn to the shirt and the backing is on the inside of the shirt. The backing material is rough and scratchy, and when combined with the rather heavy thread that was used, makes for an irritating situation. My husband said it was quite uncomfortable, which was a big mistake, because it immediately occured to me that this clingingly nasty, ill designed tee shirt would be a delightful addition to his workaday world. As an undergarment beneath his dress shirt and a suit coat (and sometimes a sweater) it provides an irritating and un-ignorable reminder of the lady (me) who occasionally makes him wear it all day. By the time he gets home at night, his nipples are well primed for the tender, loving care that a good pair of nipple clamps can provide as he's fetching me my after work (his work, of course) cocktail.

    Is this what you had in mind, fur?

  2. Yes, that is exactly what I had in mind but possibly taken a step further. e.g. taking something equally uncomfortable and putting it inside all of his undergarment t-shirts over the nipples.

    On the other side of things you could always find a material that is more pleasurable for the insides for a reward or on days you might be planning some kind of extended T&D or ruined orgasm and wanted something that would keep him aroused all day.