Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Female Superiority

I don't think that I've stated it outright in my previous posts so I figure that now is as good of a time as any.

I am a firm believer in the idea of Female Superiority (or Female Supremacy if you prefer to word it that way).

Each year over the past two decades, it seems that more and more studies are performed contrasting the differences in men and women when it comes to happiness, relationships, career success, behavior, money management, infidelity, and human interactions where women tend to dominate the results.  While men may have the physical advantage, we have been unable to overcome the "way it always has been" in our interpersonal relationships and how that reflects upon our psyche.  We learn better through punishment and discipline.  We are more motivated by fear of shame and acceptance of our peers.  We live with constant insecurities about our masculinity, penis size, and hairline.  Why are we so unable to rise above?

Women face far more daily psychological attacks when it comes to their physical characteristics than we do, yet they find a way to thrive regardless of that.  They learn through caring support and nurturing.  They accept peers as equals rather than forcing them into a hierarchy of worth with an alpha leading the pack.  Although they have been repressed for thousands of years women have found a way to change their standing and rise above to a new height, superior to the way men have interacted with each other for the same thousands of years.

Men trade their lifespans for physical strength and mask their insecurities through confrontation.  

I know this is not true in every case for each gender but it is how I have come to view things as a whole.

Beyond our social behaviors, many scientific studies have shown women to be superior on a genetic level.  The chemicals and horomones produced in their bodies grant them long-term advantages over men.  Their chromosomes are capable of evolving through recombination and continue to thrive while the Y chromosome requires mutation to force change and has forced the shut down of many genes in order to preserve itself.  The future of woman is to live on even after man has become extinct.

The sheer elegance of the curves of their bodies along with their natures that continue to balance their dreams and goals truly make them the fairer of the sexes.

I have never aspired to be a woman.  I have accepted my place at her feet.  My greatest honor is to be there helping her reach her dreams and thriving under her guidance as she protects me from my male habits.

I have felt this way since before I became a submissive and will feel this way until the day I die.

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