Saturday, May 8, 2010

The natural slave Personality

My first Mistress once described me as having a natural slave personality.

I was a bit puzzled at the term and asked her to elaborate a bit on it.  The way she explained it to me it seemed it had both positive and negative characteristics (and a few neutral ones).  It wasn't the easiest thing in the world to put into words so she tried to come up with characteristics and examples.

Her view of why I was a natural slave:
-My emotions were tied to hers.  If she was sad, I felt sad.  If she was mad, I felt sad.  If she was happy, I felt happy.  I would instinctively try to make her happy.
-My morality would adjust to her feelings.  Right = made her happy.  Wrong = displeased her.  I would instinctively try to act in the right way.
-Pleasing her gave me a greater sense of accomplishment and joy than winning any award or recognition from outside sources.
-When faced with hardship I would surrender to it and accept it rather than try to escape it.
-Worrying about her personal needs would free me from stresses in the external world.

I'm not really sure if I truly am a natural slave or not, although I definitely associate myself with the above characteristics.  I don't even really think it matters if I am or not, but I can say it would be convenient to be able to summarize my personality with a simple term.

From what I've heard from Dommes over the years there aren't many men out there that fall into the category of natural slave.  I tend not to think of myself as being special or unique so I tend not to think of myself in this way.

I did a bit of digging and found this definition on a website:
"A Natural Slave is a person for whom slavery can be better than freedom, since they have the capacity to experience less reactance when living in that condition, without the depression normally associated with psychological Helplessness. Thus they are suited to slavery by their nature - by some inherent quality of their psychological makeup." 

If that is the case than maybe I am that way. 

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