Saturday, May 8, 2010

Labor Contract - Fantasy vs. Reality

My previous post on D/s contracts was mainly to provide some background for this post.

In one of my scenarios that was brought up in my dreams I wrote about the Inescapable Contract (and another version of this in Legal Femdom) forcing a sub into a life of servitude.  While this may be more of a fantasy situation than reality, I've always wondered just how real could one get through a contract?

I touched on one possible scenario a while ago in my post Femdom House, located here:

However, Femdom House was more of a completely consensual lifestyle.

Building off some of those posts, what about a labor contract?

For all intents and purposes we will assume that there is a sub that wishes to be a 24-7 live-in submissive to a Domme in exchange for strict rules and domination. Let's breakdown the numbers (ignoring taxes).

Since male subs are a dime a dozen, we'll value his offerings at minimum wage, which currently stands at $7.25 an hour and he will be paid at a full-time salaried position.  This boils down to $290 a week, $1160 a month, $13,920 per year. 

If a male sub cannot, his alternative is to pay for a professional Dominatrix, with average rates of approximately $200 an hour.  The Domme's services in exchange could then be valued at that rate.  Two approaches can be taken to this, if her services were exchanged on a salaried full-time basis, it would be valued at $8,000 per week, $32,000 per month, $384,000 per year.  If treating her services as a salaried position seems unfair to her, let's say she performs her domination services for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, that leads to 40 hours a week at $200 an hour and 72 hours a week at time and a half $300 an hour.  This leads to the following values:  $29,600 per week, $118,400 per month, $1,420,800 per year.

I have a feeling that things will turn out lopsided enough with the salaried wages for both parties, so I will work from those numbers since it is easier to balance (and it would be more applicable if they both worked full-time jobs).

This may get a bit complicated so I will try to go through it step by step.

She agrees to employ him as a full-time maid.  They sign a 5-year contract and perform this with a full paper-trail.  Each month she writes him a pay check (that he will ultimately give back to her), files his with-holdings for his state and federal income taxes, and files actual written documentation of service/behavior infractions (which would negate chances at filing for unemployment).

He agrees to contract her as a full-time Dominatrix.  They sign a 5-year contract and she grants him a line of credit.  Each month she issues him an invoice for his new balance for her services (interest for unpaid previous months is optional) minus any payments he makes of his standing balance.  She declares this money as income and pays state/federal taxes. 

-Since he is living with her, she may want to charge him rent and act as his landlord.  They sign a 5-year lease agreement for say, $1000 a month for room, board, and utilities.  Official documents are filed and each year he receives a certificate of rent paid, etc.

-Other stipulations may be made to the employment contract (especially towards him).  She may require him to wear a certain uniform during service and maintain a particular level of appearance, failing to meet those requirements may lead to docking his pay.  Behavioral and attitude problems may lead to his pay being docked, etc.  If they were located in a state where corporal punishment is still legal there may be a stipulation that "any corrective measures deemed necessary by the employer may be instituted." 

For a given year with no penalty fees, he runs a (pre-tax) deficit of $370,080 ($382,080 if rent is charged) and over the course of a 5-year contract, his net debt is $1,850,0400 ($1,910,400 with rent). 

Let's say that each contract included terms that upon successful fulfillment of the contract on his part (or breech of contract on her part) would negate his debt and that he was only responsible for repayment if he was found in breech of contract.  This could feasibly "trap him" into the role of servitude for the duration of the contract with severe financial repercussions if he tried to escape the situation.

What I've been curious of is just how much of this could be enforced by law?   Would this really be possible?

I know it's a fantasy subject but just how real could it be?

Assuming there was an adequate paper trail documenting all of it, it seems this could almost be pulled off for a few thousand a year in taxes. 

Any thoughts?

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