Monday, May 3, 2010

The Pillory

The pillory has always been an intrigued me as a bondage device.  It has a very simple yet effective design that dates back hundreds of years and keeps the victim in a completely helpless and exposed state in addition to its physical discomforts.  I think what I find most interesting about the pillory was the way it was implemented: to put criminals or wrong-doers on public display with an emphasis on humiliation.

While being immobilized in an uncomfortable position is very taxing on the body it was likely equally painful to experience the jeers and insults of onlookers, and in some cases, their physical attacks would contribute to the pain and feelings of helplessness.

The pillory is still commonly used in the BDSM community as a restraint device and in my opinion, it is probably the most versatile piece of dungeon furniture when it comes to various types of play, punishment, or inspection.  A sub in a pillory is totally exposed, leaving free access to his nipples, genitals, and ass.  They are in a position to be humiliated by observers, unable to escape their expressions, words, and invasive touches.  A Domme can also inflict punishment by simply walking away, leaving the sub to stew in his thoughts while helplessly immobilized and isolated. 


  1. I share your sentiments. For years my girlfriends and I have made use of traditional punishment devices (stocks, branks, cages, chastity belts, shrew's fiddle, yokes, and most all the pillory) as part of our daily sexual play. She is dominant; I am submissive. For the most part I end up on the receiving end of intensely pleasurable humiliation, exposure, and physical torment. The sheer helplessness of confinement in the pillory makes the experience an incredible trip.

  2. Stocks were used to punish men mostly ,quite rightly so ,as a man I would love to be placed in stocks and left to swelter on a hot day for several hours ,the woman who places me in would wear the key on an ankle bracelet then wander off

  3. U am a big fan of stocks and pillories ,women should have the right to put men in a pillory ,its a good device for keeping men in line ,rows of pillories should be built where women can lock their men ,then enjoy the benefits and enjoyment of a man free area
    no mercy should be shown in the summer the man should be left to sweat in the winter he will freeze