Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Clothing Locks - Discrete vs. Obvious

In my "what is it about bondage?" post I had touched on my growing bondage desires and wishing to have locks integrated into most situations.  Something that has been on my mind for a while is the use of clothing locks, that is, using locks to prevent the removal of certain articles of clothing.

While locks are locks, it seems there's potentially different experiences depending upon if the locks are obvious and apparent versus being discrete and unseen.

If you have ever experienced either of these in a public setting, please let me know as I am curious about your experiences.

It seems to me that flagrantly obvious locks would be the most outwardly humiliating since they would be easily noticed.  Having cuffs and a collar locked on over a shirt or jacket.  A belt locked on over your pants or jacket.  Locks on a pair of high heels, etc.  It shouts out "hey, somebody made me do this and I couldn't take them off even if I wanted to!"  At the same time it also conveys the message of "I went along with this," since no article of clothing is indestructible.  The cheers and jeers would probably show up in spades.

So what about hidden locks?  Thinking about these make me believe that the humiliation would be quite a bit different and much more internal.  While it would probably draw less attention, when you did draw attention I think this could be potentially more humiliating.  A thin wire run through the belt loops and locked together underneath a normal belt.  A wire locked snugly around the wrists over the sleeves with the cuffs turned back to hide the locks.  A wire locked snugly around the neck underneath a collar.  What does this say about the wearer? 

Instead of being forced, it looks like you are doing it by choice.  Forced feminization now looks like voluntary cross-dressing.  Reactions you get from people will be different.  They'll think you're a transvestite or gay instead of a sub/slave. 

I can only imagine having a pair of my thick pink mittens secretly locked around my wrists and having to pay for an item while out shopping, fumbling to get my wallet and do anything coordinated.  Even if she doesn't ask the salesgirl will be wondering why I don't just take the mittens off and if she does ask, what do I say?  Because I can't?

Discrete public bondage also can serve a very humiliating purpose.  Imagine the ankles being tethered together with some very fine clear fishing line forcing you to take very small steps.  You would probably stick out something awful but no one would know why you were walking that way unless they inspected you closely.  What if your wrist on your dominant hand was tethered just above the waist line to your genitals by a similar fishing line forcing you to perform all actions with your off-hand? 

I have a feeling that observers would probably believe the visible locks to be more humiliating whereas the actual wearer might feel it's the other way around.


  1. this is fantastic - I have never discovered this blog before and was beginning to think i was somewhat alone - i DO get mittens tie wrapped on and have to go shopping ! ....and i do get those 'knowing looks' .

  2. Thank you very much for the comments. Sorry it took me a while to write back, I have been unavailable lately.