Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dreams (the sleep kind, not the future aspiration kind)

Something that has puzzled me a bit over the years are my dreams.  Ever since I entered the Femdom lifestyle my dreams have grown incredibly vivid and intense.  Many of the scenarios and situations in my dreams go well beyond what I actually would wish for but at the same time they are often arousing to recall, especially during periods where I was ordered to keep a journal and write about what I dreamed about.

I've always wondered that if recurring themes show up in my dreams, are those really things that I secretly want?  Are they latent fantasies lying dormant in my subconscious?  Are they merely symbolic of some of the aspects I desire all the time? 

I guess I haven't done enough study on Freud or metaphysical studies to have gone really in depth on dream interpretation and maybe it's something I should read up on.

Does anyone else experience this?

What is scary is that the intensity of my dreams has seemed to increase at the same rate as my desired intensity in D/s situations, but the dreams always seem to be about 10 steps ahead of what I wish for in real life.  The dreams are most intense during periods of extended orgasm denial and/or around a full moon.  Maybe I'm just a little crazy. 

Something else that I've found a bit odd is that my dreams tend to really center around the process of power transfer and sometimes creative bondage devices that don't exist (yet) in the real world.

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