Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rules for a Fur sissy

It's been a while since I posted any of the lists I was ordered to come up with several years ago.  In the spirit of my last post, I figured this might work as a follow-up.

I wasn't able to dig up actual lists of many of them but one that I remember was a set of rules for fur in sissy apparel in forced feminization.  Mistress (who also had a fur fetish) has a great deal of fun making me write this one since she knew I would have to go against everything that I enjoyed in order to please her (by stripping away things that I enjoyed).

For more details on what these lists entailed, my original post on them is here:

I've tried my best to recreate that list here:

-A sissy should obtain no pleasure from wearing fur.  Fur should never contact their skin in a pleasurable way nor should it feel luxurious in any way.  Fur for sissies should only be used as an adornment, accenting the frills of the ensemble in a manner that contributes towards their humiliation.  Pleasure from fur is a privilege reserved only for women.

-A sissy's fur should never exceed the caliber of his Mistresses'.  A sissy's fur should display the status difference between himself and his Mistress and his fur should always be of noticeably diminished quality in comparison to her's.

-A sissy should never depend on fur for warmth.  Basic layering techniques should be employed first with fur being used as a finishing touch to complete the ensemble as instructed by the Mistress. 

-A sissy's fur should be well-kept and  immaculate at all times.  Soiled furs will not be tolerated and failure to maintain this requirement will be severely punished. 

-A sissy's furs should not be fashionable or chic by the standards of contemporary women's fashions.  Sissy furs should emphasize extreme femininity and girlishness.

-A sissy in fur should be locked in chastity to avoid any potential temptation for unsupervised, non-permitted masturbation. 

-A sissy should be grateful for the privilege of wearing fur.  Improper attitudes will be immediately adjusted by the will of the Mistress.

Mistress had me kneel in front of her while naked and read her the list.  She was somewhat pleased with my list, especially since she knew coming up with a few of these rules stripped away any form of pleasure I could have received from the way she would dress me.

She did add a few additions since she didn't feel like the list was complete enough. 

-A sissy's fur should never be able to pass as masculine or unisex in its style and color.

-A sissy should get excited about wearing fur and display the appropriate attitude towards his Mistress.

-A sissy should dread the thought of wearing fur since it will always be an unpleasant experience.

Those last two can pretty much sum up the type of personality she had. 

After she made the additions she picked out clothes for me to wear, handcuffed my hands behind my back, and took me over her knee where I had to recite the rules back to her from memory while she spanked me until I cried.


  1. please introduce me to here,she sounds like heaven to me. -Trevor

  2. Trevor,

    Thanks for writing. I do miss her at times. She could be a lot to handle as well though. If you happen to be anywhere in her area and scour some of the fetish sites you might be able to track her down.

  3. where is she from?- Trevor