Tuesday, May 18, 2010

male Writer's Block

While typing some comments this evening I started thinking again about something I have termed "male writer's block."

Male writer's block is basically encompasses a couple of conditions that can pop up whenever most men write something of a fetish nature.  There are men who are proficient and prolific fetish writers, so not all men are affected by these, but a good number are, myself included.  Short stories are easier to write because of this, especially if you are able to enter into the scenario in full swing with an established premise.  I applaud those who can finish longer works without any story degradation

-The blown load.  You've seen this happen lots of times in fetish stories.  A guy is writing out a story and is able to include incredible detail of situations with interesting characters, an intriguing plot, and plenty of masturbatory goodness.  The story eventually leads to some point that you can tell must be his fetish of choice, a climactic event occurs, and the story pretty much abruptly ends usually trailing off into a mediocre brief blurb of a summary.  What happened to the details?  The story progression?  Well, the author blew his load while writing the climactic event and lost his muse and tied off the ends as quickly as possible.

-Getting to the "good part."  They have an event in mind that takes place at the two-thirds mark of the story.  They start writing things out from the beginning and eventually grow bored of this stage.  As they approach the "good part" they spent all of their writing time and energy without ever getting there and they leave the story unfinished.  You will find many of these half-finished stories out there that have tons of potential but he's never gotten around to finishing it.

-Can you guess my fetish?  I have no issues with a writer injecting their own personal fetishes heavily into the story.  I do have issues when their story sucks because it becomes so obvious what their primary fetish is that it's the only part of the story with any quality.  e.g. "He walked down the street.  It was night time.  He looked over and saw a gorgeous blonde with large breasts wearing a pair of black, knee-high patent leather stilletto boots that gleamed in the moonlight.  The boots had a pointed toe, 5" heels, and laced up the front with a zipper on the side.  He saw her in the boots and it turned him on.  He walked up and talked to her and she seemed attracted to him for no apparent reason." 

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?  I think what bugs me the most is that my attempts at stories tend to suffer from all three of these conditions. 

I wonder if women writers suffer from similar problems? 

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