Wednesday, July 28, 2010


While digging up pictures for the last post I stumbled across this one that I had found a while back.

I don't know exactly why but this picture always "does it" for me.  When I first saw it I found myself oddly drawn to it.  It gives me that feeling of a young woman (probably a bit drunk) following her sexual instincts and for the first time giving into primal dominance and having her way with someone else. While I know these types of situations often lead to a guilty conscience early in experimentation, I also think it captures that naughty and wicked streak that young women have but manage to deny under normal circumstances.

I can picture the other, their arms pinned above their head, their head rushing with anticipation and nervousness, feeling like this is wrong but not wanting to get away.  They struggle lightly, hands twisting from side to side in the woman's grip, heels lightly bouncing off the floor, aroused but wanting to end the uncomfortable awkwardness.  They look into the woman's eyes and see her stone-fixed gaze, intent on getting what she wants.  They can feel her heat against their waist, they look up, pleading, trying to speak with their eyes, saying "this doesn't feel right."  She notices and reacts, squeezing her thighs more tightly together and tightening her grip around their wrists, pressing them firmly to the floor.

She will have the time of her life, drunk with power and pleasure.  The victim will end the night feeling uncomfortable and violated, confused at the balance of physical pleasure and emotional discomfort. 

What makes it even more intriguing is that you can't quite tell if she's mounting another woman or if it's a sissified, humiliated boy. 

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