Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thoughts on dulling the post-orgasmic drop from subspace

Over the years I've read up on and experienced various attempts at hastening the return to subspace for a submissive male after he is permitted an orgasm.  The post-orgasmic loss of focus and attentiveness of a sub is quite well-documented and it can last upwards of a week.

I was curious if anyone had any ideas on how to accomplish this?

A few ideas I know of:
-Forcing the sub to lick up or drink their own cum after orgasm.
-Forcing the sub to orgasm in a humiliating manner such as shooting their load onto their own face or chest.
-A strict session of corporal punishment immediately following orgasm.
-Prolonged stimulation of the frenum post-orgasm, continuing until the pain has them begging you to stop.
-Time kneeling in the corner with the hands behind the head "reflecting" on the privilege of the male orgasm and how this will seem like a distant memory by the time the next one comes around.
-Immediate return to a chastity device.

I'm guessing there are at least a few of you out there that have experimented with this subject and have things that both have and haven't worked.  Please share them if you can.


  1. I've had many subs, but until I moved in with and later married my husband Karl, I didn't actually live with them. Therefore, their lack of feelings of submissiveness after orgasm weren't really apparent, as they generally went off to their own apartment or home, and by the time we met again, they had plenty of submissive desires.

    I've certainly heard about this letdown you're talking about, so when I moved in with Karl after training him, and required him to be my full time sub (in that his subdom was an understood constant even when we weren't actively engaged in any sub-like fun and games), I waited for this common post orgasmic turn off to occur, but it never did. I'm not certain why, but Karl just doesn't respond that way after he's allowed to orgasm.

    Therefore, Fur, I really can't say how I dealt with this situation, but I don't think I would have tried to remedy it with corporal punishment or any of the things you suggested, with the exception of the "time kneeling in the corner" or some variation of that theme. What's more, and I think I've described this somewhere else, I do like to put Karl in a post orgasmic situation that forces him to remain in an uncomfortable position until he once again displays a hard on.

    Before I started doing this regularly, Karl was convinced that it would take many hours for him to be able to get an erection after ejaculating, and indeed that became a self fulfilling prophecy. Since I found that unacceptable, I decided to train him otherwise, and by using the "uncomfortable position" technique, over time he has now reached the point where a half hour to an hour is usually plenty of time to achieve a stiff cock once again.

    It's a punishment/reward situation, whereby the uncomfortable position is the punishment, and if he achieves an erection in a time frame that satisfies me, he gets the reward of ejaculating again. There are many variations of the uncomfortable position, but all involve him being within my proximity but unable to touch me or communicate with me. I find that if I basically ignore him (which Karl has told me is a very large turn on in this situation) and/or occupy myself with a phone call or a computer session, or somesuch, while he suffers in what is essentially a bondage situation that he knows will continue until he's hard again, it works very well indeed. Also, I find that having him blindfolded during this time is not as effective as having him able to see some part of me, especially my feet as it turns out.

    I'm just guessing now, but perhaps this technique could have some effect on the post orgasmic letdown that you're talking about, as I would imagine that once a sub achieves a hard-on after ejaculation, he'd be ready to resume his sub situation with renewed fervor once again, and the so called letdown would be just a memory.

  2. Thank you very much, Lady Grey.

    Karl does appear to be an interesting case but that is a wise idea to pretty much force a willing arousal after an orgasm. That probably surpasses all other solutions.

    I'm kind of an odd one in that certain scenarios will have me instantly aroused immediately after orgasm and other times I fall into such a deep subspace that I don't want to orgasm since I know I will drop. During the latter times I usually end up with a painful case of blueballs and have to (painfully) ejaculate just to walk or sit normally.

    It seems my level of subspace tends to determine what mindset I'm in. Mild subspace = I want to cum. Moderate subspace = quick reload. Heavy subspace = I don't want to cum.