Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A small dialogue

The basis of this was from a blog I read several months ago.  I can't remember the blog but I remember an excerpt from it.  While I do some fetish fiction writing I am not what you would call a talented writer.  I tend to get an outline for a story done and start writing it only to get halfway and get distracted with life and I never go back and finish it.

Here is a little bit that showed up in a dream I had the other night (that I'm certain was inspired by that blog I read before).  It would be a dialogue between a novice man and an experienced woman who had recently entered into a D/s Femdom relationship (or it could be a woman deciding to become Dominant in an already established  marriage).

Woman (in a smug tone): Your orgasms will soon resemble Santa Claus.
man (candidly):  As in, he gives you exactly what you want if you are good?
Woman (smug): That's some wishful thinking.  Guess again.
man (uncertainly): As in he comes once a year?
Woman (with a sense of satisfaction): Exactly.
man (slightly fearful): You're joking, right?  Isn't that a little unfair?
Woman (scheming): You don't believe in that?
man (attempting to be forceful): No way.
Woman (smug): What happens when boys stop believing in Santa Claus?
man (afraid): He doesn't come at all?
Woman (satisfied): Correct.  Now do you believe?
man - nods silently.
Woman (smug): And naughty, defiant, little boys that disagree with their Mistresses?

(at this point I'm picturing her introducing a chastity device into their lifestyle).


  1. I really like the way your mind works. I'd love to read more about this if you can find the time to peel yourself away from the doldrums of every day life and escape into your imagination periodically to work on this idea.

  2. Thank you for the compliment, Mistress Wykkyd.

    Unfortunately I often struggle from male "blown load syndrome" where if I end up having an orgasm at any time between the start of writing and its completion I am rarely able to finish it with any kind of intensity :(

    It's a rather sad state to be in and I have mountains of half-finished stories saved here and there (the longest of which was about 70 pages when I stopped).

    I will do my best to get some things written down or post what I have written over the next few weeks/months. The downside is that my writing tends to gravitate a lot around my own particular fetishes and at times I struggle to capture the right mindset of a Dominant Woman, or it's probably better described as the mindset of Dominant Women I can approximate is usually only a very small portion of them.

    I can say I really get the most enjoyment out of creating situations that are fairly life-encompassing and Dommes that are thorough in their planning and always remain 1-3 steps ahead of the sub in order to keep him trapped and off balance.

    On a side note, I saw you had removed the ability to post comments on your blog, do you have any plans to reactivate that function?

    Thanks again.

  3. I have reactivated that function. I kept comments off for a little while as I tweaked the rest of the page. Do you have someone you can use as a reference for material for the mindset of Dominant Women? I'm sure some of your readers would willingly answer questions you may have - I know I would - if you'd just open up the door for that opportunity. It might help your writing along some. Also, have you thought about wearing a chastity device while you write to prevent your issue of "blown load syndrome" as you call it? That might also assist in your ability to focus on the task at hand.

  4. Thank you for reactivating comments. It looks like you've been quite busy on there.

    I have a few years of experience and some written material I can draw from when it comes to the mindset, a lot of it is trying to capture the mental and sexual impulses in an accurate manner. While sometimes I'm able to approximate it better than others, it's not something I'm confident in. The other aspect I struggle with is the battle between composed dominance and drunk with power.

    In my earlier days (and when I'm in very mild subspace) I tend to be quite playful and a bit of a brat. With my second Mistress I used to try to get her to lose a bit of control and give into her more instinctual desires. Part of the end result of that contributed to my current state since she would use sissification to push me to a deeper state of subspace.

    As for writing in chastity, I have used that method before but I still have some problems since I have a tendency to continuously produce semen from the erection attempts. When writing I tend to get very aroused and at some point I hit a state of blue balls that is so painful that I can barely walk and some form of relief is needed.

    Basically, I tend to do well if it's under 5 pages but struggle beyond that.

  5. You're very welcome for the reactivation. I'm also attempting to become more regular in my writing since it truly is something I enjoy on many levels. I love the friendships that can develop when sharing one's soul as openly as is possible to do in a forum such as this.

    I don't know...I tend to like a bit of spice in my submissives. It keeps me in check with my Dominance because I am constantly reminded that, although they serve me and bend to my will and desires, they do so willingly and are still whole individuals without me in their lives. Their lives, and mine as well, are simply enhanced by the relationship that we share and that fact humbles me.

    As for the chastity suggestion, it was simply that. I'm sorry that you have experienced such drastic pain from attempting it. I would not wish that on someone if it had an adverse effect on them as it had on you. If I think of any other possible solutions to your predicament, would you like me to share them in the future?

    I do hope you are able to find the time and comfortable circumstances to continue your stories either way because I truly enjoy the way your creative mind works. I find your ideas to be quite arousing on many levels.

    Warm thoughts,


  6. I look forward to your posts.

    That is a very wise view to have on submissives. It makes things flow very well as things develop. My previous D/s relationships that ended were sometimes due to our time together being taken for granted. My "spice" level definitely depends heavily on the depth of my subspace as I can still be a brat now and then.

    I appreciate the chastity suggestion and yes, please share any ideas you might have. I am an odd one in that writing tends to arouse me a LOT and I tend to take frequent 5 minute breaks to try to quell the arousal. The result of the constant "up and down" action over several hours (even if prevented by a chastity device) tends to lead to an immense amount of genital swelling and back pain until I achieve release. It is rather odd and I haven't heard much documentation about similar experiences.