Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Random Observation

I forgot that Mistress is working an overnight tonight so again I'm at home and up late by myself.

I just realized that part of the disintegration of our D/s interactions and the loss of connection in our relationship in general seems to almost directly coincide with her changing jobs and going from working Monday-Friday 9-5 shifts to overnight shifts 4 days a week with and working every other weekend.

I work Monday through Friday first shift and it used to be we would both get home, be kind of tired, want to relax a bit, and share some time.  Now it seems that when I get home kind of tired, she is wide awake and fresh as can be.  On days when she is tired, that tends to coincide with when I am wide awake.

I'm not really sure but I get the feeling that this schedule change that happened a few years ago has probably strained our relationship more than either of us would like to admit.  When she first started on third shift I recommended she become full-time nocturnal and sleep either from like 9am-4pm or like 1pm until 8pm.  She never heeded this advice and there are many days where she burns the candle at both ends.

This is something I will have to think about more and possibly develop a way of talking about it that won't lead to a fight.

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