Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Slave Competition Game idea #2 - 52 pick up

This is another idea for Lady Grey's post Roadblocks.

I will admit this isn't the most exciting idea as there's no pain, just frustration, fear, and mental anguish.

It's fairly easy though and doesn't require a lot and might serve as a "throw in" game if there's extra time.

-A deck of cards (fresh/new and plastic coated preferred)
-A timer/stop watch
-A hard floor (preferably somewhat slick)
-Some sort of mitten, ideally some bondage fist mitts such as these:

Instead of fist mitts, some layered gloves and mittens would work.  E.g. a pair of those stretchy winter gloves under a pair of chunky double-knit wool mittens will probably be enough to dampen dexterity and coordination.

Each Domme will write in order from 1 to 4 what suit she would compare herself to from strongest to weakest (e.g. if she is warm and affectionate, hearts will probably be her #1, if she likes to beat the shit out of her sub, clubs might be her #1, if she loves jewelry diamonds might be #1, gardening, spades, etc.).

Shuffle the cards so that they're good and mixed (it doesn't matter if they're all facing the same way). 

Spray the cards all over the floor (the less overlap, the more difficult it will be to do this).

Have the sub retrieve the cards and place them neatly in order by card value(the Queens should go on top) and suit, with their guess for her #1 suit on the top of the deck.  When they are done they will present the completed deck to his Mistress.

If they guess her #1 incorrectly, add 1 minute to their time for each number they missed by (e.g. if their #1 guess was her #3, add two minutes).

If any of the cards are turned in with values out of order or facing the wrong direction, DQ them failing to accomplish the task.

The sub that completed the task with the lowest time (after penalties are applied) wins.

*Note: This will actually be very difficult so a maximum time limit may want to be enacted.

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