Monday, December 12, 2011

Slave Competition Game

In Lady Grey's post, Roadblocks, she is going to be having a slave competition between her sub and some others.

In attempting to come up with some ideas under the parameters (it should be winnable and not cause any significant harm to a sub) here is one idea that I came up with.

Obstacle Course Race:

-Subs should have their hands locked behind their back.
-Subs should have an 18 or 24" spreader bar locked between their ankles.
-A modified ball parachute with a round tray mounted underneath it.
-A round object such as a ball or a hard boiled egg placed on the tray.  The less perfectly round the object is, the easier it will be to keep it balanced.

-Difficulty could be increased by adding a butt plug.

Subs must maneuver a simple obstacle course while being timed without dropping the ball off the tray.

If the ball falls off the tray they must retrieve the ball and bring it back to the starting line where a Domme will deliver a hard swat to each butt cheek and return the ball to the tray while the timer continues to run.  If the ball rolls somewhere that the sub cannot retrieve it they will be disqualified and punished (the idea of a Domme having to retrieve the ball for them just seems wrong).

The sub with the lowest time to complete the course wins. 

Here are some shitty sketches I made in 3 minutes before I have to leave for work:


  1. Thank you, Fur. I really like this idea! I think I might like to add some more weight to the ball parachute so that there's a bit more discomfort as the race progresses. Perhaps if it were possible to rig up an attachment that would allow a sexy shoe or boot to dangle below the parachute? That way, the ball would fall into the shoe/boot, and not have a chance to get lost, and the slave would have to have his Dom retrieve the ball back at the starting line(and I'm sure that could offer some interesting pain possibilities as well}, and get his swats too. The weight of the shoe/boot would be a nice addition.

    I'm going to discuss this one with the ladies!

  2. You're welcome, Lady Grey, I'm very happy that you like it.

    Most parachutes have an O ring at the bottom, so hooking up a shoe or boot that has an eye-hole or strap would be very easy. As for making sure that the ball would roll into the shoe... that's a bigger hurdle... as you'd likely need to attach some sort of wide funnel with a spout (such as used in automotive garages).

    One thing to keep in mind is that if you add weight to the bottom of the rig, it will make it easier to keep steady since the downward force of the weight will stabilize the tray.

    The reason I had ball retrieval on there is because it is difficult to walk with such a wide spreader, let alone retrieving a ball from a corner or from under a table and then nudging it (while under control) with your toes/foot. It definitely puts a premium on not dropping it in the first place.

    If you were set on the idea of weights but didn't want to make the tray stabilizing any easier, you could always use a leather strap around the balls or a second parachute to attach the weighted item to. This would bring the same pain without making the task easier.

    What about using some weights to start and adding more weight each time they drop the ball? If you were hanging a boot you could simply start putting the weights inside the boot.

    Another idea (aside from the butt plug) for upping the difficulty would be adding a posture collar. If the sub can't easily look down to see his feet it will be much harder. Pony play side blinders would also up the ante but they're probably a bit expensive to be used just once for this game.

    If you decide to go with this one and you want Karl to win, my advice is going to be to move slowly, even if this means moving sideways by just turning his feet in unison and inching along toe, heel, toe, heel. Dropping the ball will hurt his time more than going at a snail's pace. If a sub starts to rush a drop is pretty much guaranteed. If he does do the "slow and steady" method, you'll probably want him to go last or it might spoil the fun... unless you start throwing things at them :)