Monday, June 13, 2016

Fiction: fs01 Arc 4 Bonus Chapter - Blind Worship

Author's Note:

This takes place whenever :)

Blind Worship

Mistress lays on the bed beneath me.  She's naked.  Her fair skin gleans in the moonlight.  I'm naked except for my chastity belt and collar.  She's beautiful.  My sex strains against the tube as I hold myself above her.

She leans up and pulls a blindfold over my eyes.  Two words.  "Lips only."

I lower myself and gently kiss the right side of her neck.  I feel each muscle fiber flex and move beneath my touch.  I glide my lips down an inch.  Another kiss.  Her breathing is loud.  Another kiss.  I feel the bed shift as her body squirms.  I let her skin feel my breath as I move down to her shoulder.  My lips press against her.  I feel the fine hairs on her body standing up.  I move again.  Another kiss.  Every inch.  The sweet smell of her skin.  My Mistress.  I slowly work down.  I outline her in kisses.  Gently.  On her shoulder.  Her upper arm.  I press my lips again.  I hear a small squee.  I smile.  This is heaven.

I feel my way along her body.  My lips adjusting to every curve.  Another kiss.  She's aroused.  Even without sight It's obvious.  My lips find her forearm.  Gentle.  I shift my body.  My left hand grazes her side.  Thwack.  I cringe under the sting of the crop.  I flex my hand and feel it throb.  I disobeyed.  Lips only.

Carefully.  Longer motions.  Move wide.  Obey her.  My lips find her wrist.  A kiss.  I feel her fingers curl and graze my chin.  I continue, slower than I need to.  I can't help but prolong the tease.  I kiss her hand.  Around the thumb.  The top of her palm.  The base of her pinkie.  My kisses continue.  I circle back up the inside of her arm.  I lean.  My knee feels flesh.  Thwack.  I flinch and grit my teeth.
Slowly, I work my way back up her arm.  Every part of her skin smells nice.  She's soft under my lips.  She's glorious.  The inside of her elbow.  I drag my lips over the curves.  Her bicep.  Above the armpit.  I'm back to her torso.  I snake my way back and forth slowly across her chest.  My lips caress her collarbone.  I can feel her breath on my face.  She writhes in anticipation.  I slowly descend.

My lips climb the slope of her breast.  I feel my sex strain.  She arches her back.  Her skin on my thigh.  Thwack.  I shift my leg to accommodate her.  Her breast is divine.  Slow kisses.  Gentle.  I circle her nipple.  I resist the urge to use tongue.  I lick my lips instead.  The moist skin envelopes her nipple.  My lips release.  My breath provides the breeze.  She squeals.  It's adorable.  I feel her nipple rise to meet my waiting lips.  Another kiss.  Thwack.  I smile under the sting.  I couldn't resist.

Down her ribs.  I feel them rise and fall with each breath.  The tiny hairs stand on end and tickle my lips.  I reach her abdomen.  I feel it lurch and curve under my touch.  Another kiss.  She moans lightly.  Slowly.  I kiss her again.  I shift down on the bed.  I feel her.  Thwack.  I can barely feel it.  The taste of her skin intoxicates me.  Another kiss.  I can smell her sex.  She's worked up.  Waiting for me.  This game is for Mistress.  She loves to build up the hunger.

Below her waist.  I work my way down, side to side.  I can smell her, it's close.  I kiss her again.  I feel her hips rise to meet me.  I'm a brat.  I work my way to the outside.  Another kiss.  Her thigh.  My lips trace the curves.  I slide to the outside and work my way down.  I feel her lurch beneath me.  She cheats.  Her hand begins to rub.  I keep my pace.  Slowly, gently.  I kiss down her thigh.  Above her knee.  She rubs faster.  I love her.  Gently.  I trace the curve of her knee cap and slowly continue down her leg.  Her shin.  The top of her foot.  I trace it to the base of the toes.  Another kiss.  Her ankle  Her calf.  My lips relish this contact.

I move up to her knee.  I kiss the inside and listen.  She squeals just as I knew she would.  Up her thigh.  I feel her leg move wide.  It grazes my arm.  Thwack.  My lips take the cue and move inward.  Her inner thigh.  Another kiss.  Her breathing is heavy.  She continues to rub.  My Mistress.  I take my time.  This drives her mad.  I lick my lips again and kiss.  She squee's again.  Thwack.  The crop on my arm. I'm naughty.  Her hand stops and withdraws.  I work my way down her crotch.  Another kiss.  Her scent is strong.  It fills my nose.  I sense that I'm above it.  I lower my face and stop.  I know she feels my breath.

Thwack.  I plant my lips on her clit.  She moans.  I circle it with kisses.  She's going mad.  I know her.  I work my way back up.  I feel her pelvis rise and fall.  I know this game.  It's almost over.  I skip her left leg and work my way up her hip with my lips.  Another kiss.  Her hand rubs again.  Her moans no longer contained.  Gently.  My lips dance across her.  Every inch of her body.  I take it in.  The touch, the smell.  I love her.  Her naval.  Small kisses.  Closer together.

Her hand grips my hair.  I shuffle my arms to keep up.  A pull on my collar.  Her lips meet mine.  Her tongue fills my mouth.  She moans between breaths.  She consumes me.  I love her.  Our lips meld as one.  I taste her saliva.  She's wonderful.  Both hands grip my hair.  She hungers.  I follow their lead and flip onto my back.  She straddles me.  I feel her heat on my abdomen.

The game is over.  She has just begun.



  1. I think I will play this game later.

  2. Well done, fur. The game is also great fun when one replaces the lips with just the very tip of the tongue. I highly recommend it.

    1. Thank you, Lady Grey. I will keep that in mind and it may show up at some point in a future chapter :)

  3. This was HOTTTTT, furcissy! Such a wicked game. I too think I might have to try it... :-)

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      I am glad you liked it. Which role are you wanting to be in?

  4. That is a challenging question!!!....both!!!

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      Apparently I help you channel your inner-switch. Kidding.

      Take care.