Monday, June 13, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 26

Author's Note:
This takes place approximately a month after Part 25.


Things have changed over the past few weeks.  Mistress and I have spoken regularly.  More personal time and intimate with less formal protocols.  She shares more with me than I need her to.  I think she's unburdening her own guilt.

We have been together so long that she had forgotten just how much I have changed... that I barely resemble the man who first met her.  She understands the changes inside of me.  She makes some new rules that are as much for her as they are for me.  She tells me that she will always let me know if she is going to be late.  This eases my heart.  I've scared since her accident if I don't know that she's okay.

Mistress also tells me about Tristan even though I never asked her to.  They fooled around a little but nothing serious.  They mostly would just lay together and talk about old times.  Tristan is fun and exciting and I can understand why Mistress is drawn to her.  She does remind me that I'm her husband and she's my wife and she won't ever forget what that means again.  I love her.

We talk about what happened inside me during those days.  If she was on a business trip or the like, I always knew when she was coming home.  When she was supposed to be here and just vanished, I didn't know what to do with myself.  She asks me if I like our dynamic now or if I wished I still had more of my "old self" in me.  I tell her I like how it is now.  She tells me that she knew I would say that and wouldn't change anything even if I had said the other.

We talk about things we hadn't ever talked in detail about.  She asks me if if I prefer the maid role or if I would rather be more of a slave.  I tell her I don't know but I trust that she will do what is best for us.  This makes her happy.  I know she was worried that trust may have been damaged, but I never stopped believing in her.  She doesn't elaborate but if I know her she has something in mind for the future.

I am able to communicate the last couple of things that were troubling me.  I am a bit terrified that my world can get thrown into such a state of upheaval after only a few days without our normal contact.  She tells me that with how I am it makes sense and that she knows it was her doing that brought me here.  She will think about it and see what she can come up with if it bothers me that much.

I also ask about Dominique.  In hindsight I was a bit worried that Mistress would be angry that she came over and played a bit with me while we waited for Mistress to return.  Mistress lets me know that it didn't bother her then because she wasn't in her right mind, but that she isn't angry now because she trusts Dominique as a friend and she understands why I would get worried and reach out.  I hadn't used the phone in several years so I must have been upset.  This calms my heart.

I feel like we have grown closer.  I'm eased back into my protocols.  I feel happy every day.  Days pass and things return to "normal."  I serve her by day and we connect intimately at night.  I love her so much.

The upcoming Friday leads to excitement.  The "group" is going out again to the Cat's Eye and Mistress lets me know that B and I will be joining them.  This month's dinner will take place at Dominique's and there will be another limo.

The day of the event Mistress has me complete my full grooming.  She dresses me in a full-hem uniform with some pink panties to cover up my bottom and chastity belt.  Before we leave she orders me to eat a larger meal than usual and to hydrate.  I discover the reason soon after.  She unlocks my earmuff harness and removes the hat.  She presents me with a pink ski mask like the one I wore to her shop but this one has a fur pom pom on the top.  It covers my entire face except for the eye holes.  She secures it on with the earmuff harness.

My heart warms that she grants me this privacy although she makes clear to point out that she simply doesn't want someone figuring out who I am and trying to steal me from her.  My blushing is hidden by the mask.  I love her.  Mistress gives me a pink cape to "cover myself" while we are outside.

We arrive at Dominique's.  Everyone else is already there.  They are all dressed in their matching outfits like the previous time.  Everyone is lively and excited.  Sammy and Gordon act as waiters.  The booze flows freely.  Mistress keeps me close with a leash attached to my collar ring.  I am allowed to acknowledge others but I am not permitted to speak.  I notice B hovering near Theresa.  She's all dolled up and looking a lot more confident than usual.  Theresa has her on a leash as well.

My ears wander and pick up bits from the ongoing conversations.

"Dom said the club owner has been getting swamped with questions about us.  If we go again she'll guarantee us a VIP table and free drinks."
"Yeah, we're almost legends.  She sent me a link to the local BDSM message boards and there's threads talking about us.  The 6 matching Dommes dressed in leather and fur.  They're calling us 'the Siren Six.'"
"The 'Siren Six'?  Weren't they a Ska band in the 90's?
"I think so but people have short memories."
"I feel kind of like we're a super-hero group.  Like maybe we should have some kung-fu moves and coordinated poses."
"You're such a dork, but I like it."

We retreat to dinner.  I am permitted to stand in the corner.  Their conversations keep me entertained.

"Did you guys see that video of Dom on youtube?"
"Was that from last month?  I thought they didn't allow recording devices."
"Yeah, it was of her and that guy that begged her to whip him.  They're calling it the 'one-shot tap-out.'  I guess the club owner pulled it from the security cams and posted it with their permission.  It already has like a gazillion hits."

I smile at this news.  I picture Dominique ending the video with an "I'll be back."

They finish dinner and everyone is probably a little tipsier than is wise, but they whoop and holler, ready to go.  The crowd slowly files towards the limo.  Mistress waits outside the car door.  When I arrive the trunk pops.  She shakes her head at me and grins.
"A slave in a limo?  Really?"

I move around to the back and climb into the trunk.  She closes it behind me.  There's a small opening where an armrest connects through to the back.  I move my face close for the light and the air.  The rumble of the car's tires on the road prevents me from hearing what they are saying.

The limo slows to a stop and I feel the car rock as bodies leave the vehicle.  The trunk opens and I climb out.  Mistress soon takes my leash in hand and leads me on.  The sea of people outside part.  It's like they're rock stars. We cut the line as VIP's.  Mistress pauses for a moment and whispers in my ear.
"I really should have you stand in line with the rest of the chattle."

I let out a whimper.  She laughs and tugs my leash forward with her.  Inside the club I sense everyone's eyes on them.  We filter through unopposed and find our way to a roped off VIP table.  It's in a prime spot with a great view of all corners of the club.  A small crowd soon gathers at the edge of the ropes.  Subs of all genders, shapes, and sizes line up, almost like puppies in a pet store begging to be taken home.

A woman clad in black leather parts through the crowd dragging a hooded slave on a leash.  She crosses through the ropes without hesitation.

"I absolutely LOVE your outfits, ladies.  Could you tell me where can I get one of those?"

They direct her to Mistress.  Mistress gives her a business card.  They chat.  The woman is impressed.  After a few moments her eyes fixate on me.

"May I please inspect your slave?  That maid's dress is delightful."
"Please enjoy yourself.  If he speaks or resists feel free to smack him."

I lower my eyes and swallow.  I close my eyes.  I can feel my cheeks burn.  I feel her hands on my chest.  She pets and tugs at the collar.  Her fingers find the bondage rings.  They jingle as she drops them.  I feel a pinch on my nipple.  I wince.  My dress rises.  I feel a knock on the front plate of my belt.

"It's locking, too."
"Can I see?"
"slave, turn and kneel."

I turn away and kneel on the ground.  I feel Mistress lift my collar and tug at the locking buckle.
"Straps at the neck, wrists, and ankles.  It's one of our shops designs.  There are a few options available as well."

I continue kneeling as they exchange pleasantries.  She leaves.  After a while Mistress orders me to stand again.  The floor made my stockings dirty.  I will be punished.  The drinks flow.  After about an hour Tristan steps up and acts as gate keeper.

One by one the subs approach.  Most of them are demanding.  They are blatantly denied.  The polite ones are allowed to join us within the ropes and provide back rubs and other small favors to those who request them.  Sasha is the first to pair off with one.  She finds a slender boy in a collar and invites him to worship her feet.  He kneels and performs.  Tristan takes a cute red-headed girl that has been staring at Lisa by the hand and pulls her over.

"Sit on her lap, little one, it's okay."

Lisa blushes profusely but is too drunk to deny her.  The girl eases onto her lap and kisses her on the cheek.
"CHICK MAGNET!" the others shout in unison, raising their drinks in the air.

Tristan takes two boys.  One to rub her feet, the other to rub her back and neck.  Those who were not chosen look on.  Their eyes speak, "please pick me next."

Dominique slams her hands on the table.
"I'm bored!  Who wants to get whipped?"

Her legend precedes her, no one steps up or even makes eye contact.  She digs into her cleavage and presents a wad of bills.  She licks her thumb and flips through, pulling out 5 $100 bills.

She shouts to anyone who will hear her.
"I'll bet $500 that no one here can last 5 strikes with me!"
The chatter is resounding but no takers.
"Come on, chumps!"

A very large man in a leather harness powers through the crowd.  He must stand 6'8" and be at least 300 lbs.
"I'll be happy to take your money, 'little lady.'"
"Big talk for a small cock, little one.  Show me the money."

He opens his wallet and counts off stacks of $20's and slams them on the table.  Mistress's grin is so wide that she can't hold it back.  Theresa places her hand over her eyes and shakes her head.  Mistress takes a sharpie out from her purse and tosses it to Dominique.

The club host, Dominique, and the large man work their way through the crowd to the stage.  The spotlights turn on, shining down upon a large wooden X-frame.  The man lines up and the restraints are tightened around his wrists.  He glances over his shoulder.  Dominique strolls up, opens the sharpie and draws 2 small x's, 1 below each shoulder blade.
"The safe word is, panties."

She takes a few steps back and the host hands her a bull whip.

"Upper right!" she shouts.

She steps in and pulls the handle through.  The whip cracks and bites against his skin, splitting it directly on the drawn x.  He shrieks and slumps, a small trickle of blood running down his skin.  He regains his posture and braces himself.

"Upper left!" she shouts.

Crack.  It splits the skin on the x.  He shrieks and writhes in pain.  His body dangles, held up by the restraints.
"Please stop... no more... please..."

Dominique scratches her head, looking puzzled.  She walks up to him again.

"What was that, little one?"
"Please stop, please... this hurts too much..."

She grabs the waistband of his pants and yanks them down to his knees.  She takes out the sharpie and draws an x on his lower buttocks, just to the left of his ass crack.  She draws a matching x to the right.

"Lower left!" she shouts.
Crack.  The whip splits the x again.  He shrieks horribly.

The crowd cheers and jeers.

Dominique laughs.  She holds the handle of the whip up to her mouth like a microphone.
"Seriously?  Just one?"

She holds her hand out to her side and drops the whip. The crowd parts as she marches back to our table.  As she approaches I hold up my hand.  She slaps it in a high-5 and gives me a wink.  She retrieves the wad of bills from her cleavage, adds the new stack, and returns it home.

Dominique sits down.
"Fuck!  Now I'm all turned on."

She eyes the "available" subs within the ropes.
"Which one of you boys is willing to scream for me?  I need to rub one out."

I watch their heads divert their eyes.  I brave and foolish boy at the back slowly raises his hand.  Dominique stands up, wraps her finger round his collar and tugs him toward the bathrooms.

Moments later we hear several shrieks coming from that direction.  A few minutes later Dominique returns to her seat with a smile on her face.  The sub boy doesn't return.

The rest of the night continues as it did before.  Loud merrymaking all around.  Drinks continue.  Speech slurs.  The evening winds down.  I find myself lost in thought.  Mistress looks happy and beautiful.  Everyone looks happy, even Lisa, who is now drunk enough to cop a feel.

I love my Mistress.  I love my life.  I love that I am a part of this.

On the ride home I'm allowed to sit inside the limo.  A few need help getting in and out.  The limo takes us home instead of back to Dominique's first.  Mistress holds my hand on the ride back.  Her eyes are tired.  I smile at her.  She smiles back.  When we arrive I carry Mistress princess-style to the door, through the door, up the stairs, and into the bedroom.  I gently place her on the bed.  She yawns and pats the bed in front of her.  I curl up with her.  I am the little spoon.  She wraps her arms around me.  I feel her breath on my neck.  She snores.  It's cute.  I love her so much.  My Mistress.  My Queen.  My Goddess.  You are my everything.



  1. I am glad you chose to write about their next visit to the club.

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily. I thought it would be fun to write about and had planned it as the bonus chapter until I realized I could use it here.

  2. I feel better now. :)

    They totally need some kung-fu moves, Charlie's Angles style.

    1. I agree, Misty. I would totally pay to watch that :)

  3. This chapter was so much fun!!! I would never want to be on the receiving end of Dom's whip, that's for sure. Love the tenderness between Mistress and fs after the club excursion...another job well done, furcissy!

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      This club excursion is sort of a fantasy of mine :)

      Take care.