Monday, June 13, 2016

Fiction: fs01 - Part 24

Author's note:
I apologize for the odd presentation of dialogue.  This is the most simultaneous characters I've ever had.

This takes place the morning after Part 23.


We wake together.  Mistress sends me to prepare breakfast while she showers.  I am cooking for two today.  I prepare waffles with fruit, bacon, coffee, and juice.  Dominique is not a morning person.  She stumbles to the table in a disheveled state and sits next to Mistress.

I serve them.  A few cups of coffee later and everyone is livelier.

"When is the last time you had bacon, little one?" Dominique asks with a grin.
"Umm, maybe 4 years ago, Miss Dominique."
She smirks.
"Such a shame."  She chomps down a piece before my eyes and savors it.
Mistress smiles.  I smile back with a small blush.  One of her favorite things is reinforcing status symbols and Dominique did that for her.

"Cass, I think you should start milking fs twice a week."
"Why is that, Dom?"
"He gets a little too frisky and that might calm him down a little."  Dominique smiles and looks at me while making a circle with one hand and pokes through it with her finger repeatedly.
"I'll give it some thought, Dom."

I frown.  Dominique laughs.
"That face! He is just so much fun to tease, Cass."
"If that's what you think then maybe I should just keep him plugged all the time."  Mistress's lips part in a wide grin.

I cringe.  Dominique slaps her thigh cracking up.  Mistress joins her in the laughter.  I let out a small sigh.  The seeds have been sown.  I can only predict how long it will take them to sprout and grow.

After breakfast Mistress sends me to start Dominique's car.  They converse in the living room for a few minutes.  When I return they are on their feet.  I help Dominique into her coat and boots.  I bow my head.

"Thank you, Miss Dominique, for keeping me company.  It means a lot to me."
"Any time, little one."  She mouths a kiss and tweaks my nipple.  I blush.

Mistress and I return to the living room.  She carries the mittens, blinders, and ring gag that were a gift from Dominique.  She sets them on the coffee table and lays on the couch.

"pet, come lay with me, we need to talk."  My heart twitches.  I haven't been allowed on the couch with her in years.  I climb up and slide up against her.  I am the little spoon.  I brace myself for the unknown.

"pet, were you worried about me yesterday?"
"Yes, Mistress.  When you weren't home by 9 I called your phone.  Then I tried Theresa and Lisa.  When they didn't answer I called Miss Dominique and asked if she had heard from you."
"pet, you don't have to be over-protective.  I was planning on being home earlier but things ran a little late.  Were you lonely?"
"Yes, Mistress."

She hugs me.
"You know, pet, I haven't seen Tristan in ages.  It's okay if I spend some time with her too, isn't it?"
I nod.
"I can't have a good time if I feel guilty about going out, pet.  This isn't that different from when I go out of town for work.  Do you understand?"
I nod.

She hugs me again.  I love her.  Confusion swirls in my head.  I miss her but I don't want to upset her.  I don't know what to do.

Time passes and the next few weeks return to normal.  Mistress and I are together every day.  I go with her to work on Fridays.  I am happy.  She talks to Tristan daily on the phone.  Mistress's sex drive is up.  I pleasure her several times a day.  Occasionally the confusion nags at me.  I bury it and focus on Mistress.

This coming Friday Mistress has me stay home from work.  She has an event planned.  I spend the day preparing hors d'oeuvres and planning a meal for 7.  We haven't used the dining room in a while.  It will be a nice change.

Mistress returns home early from work.  She is lively and full of energy.  She retires to her room to get ready.

Lisa arrives first.  I greet her.  She wears a fur-trimmed cape that covers her body and declines my request to check it for her.  She looks very pretty.  Her hair and makeup have been done with care.  Mistress greets her wearing a similar cape and they convene in the living room.  I serve them wine.  They sit and chat.

Dominique arrives next.  She dons a cape and enters with her normal amount of flair.  I escort her to the living room where she pinches my nipples.  My blush is dwarfed by Lisa's, I can only imagine she is picturing my nipples as penises right now.  Dominique notices and teases her.

Theresa and B arrive next.  Theresa also wears a cape.  B is different.  She's looking a bit goth with dark makeup and a black fur-trimmed dress with a leather corset over it.  I take her coat.  She remains aloof.  It's been a while since we last saw each other but she is different... she seems... superior.

Sasha is here, also clad in a long cape. She's still unfamiliar to me as my only interactions with her were in the testing lab and at the park.  She scares me a little.  Sasha is also clad in a cape.  Her eyes pierce me as she mentions that she's been hearing about my experiences with some of her designs.

Tristan is the last to arrive.  She pulls up in a stretch limo with her upper body hanging out the sunroof.  She comes inside without a glance or a word to me.  A cape covers her body as well.

Everyone meets in the living room.  I attend to them all with wine glasses served off a silver tray.  Mistress is the first to speak.

"Welcome, everyone.  In order to celebrate Tristan moving to our city, we'll be going out for a night on the town.  I hope everyone's got their outfits on and ready."

Mistress shoves her cape back over her shoulders revealing her black leather and fur dominatrix outfit with thigh high boots.  Everyone else follows.  I remember presenting these to Lisa, Theresa, and Dominique following my rescue from Renee's compound.  Sasha and Tristan have matching ones but in unique colors.  They are a sight to behold.  My sex strains against the belt.  B sits on the couch and blushes.  A quick group photo is taken.

Lisa puts her hand on her forehead.  "I can't believe I'm going out in this..."

Dominique approaches her and holds her wine glass to Lisa's mouth, tipping it high and 'forcing' her to drink.  "You'll be fine, Lisa, you look hot."  Dominique smiles and gives her a light slap on the bottom.  Lisa blushes and finishes the wine.

My eyes zone in on Mistress.  She looks so alive and vibrant.  I love her.  I lust for her.  The voices fill the room.  So many conversations going on at once.  I pick up bits and pieces of them.

"So where are we going tonight?"
"A BDSM club called the Cat's Eye.  I know the owner, we're getting a VIP table."
"I'm nervous, I've never been to one before."
"With how we look, it's everyone else that will be nervous."
"Tristan is going to search for a new sub, right?"
"Yes, her outdoor houseboy refused to move here saying it was too cold during the winters to spend so much time outside.  I believe she also may be looking for a girl to play with."

Mistress motions to me and I serve the first wave of hors d'oeuvres.  They seem to like the food.  That warms my heart.  It will make Mistress proud.  As each tray empties I return for another wave.  I keep their wine glasses full.  Soon everyone is a little bit more relaxed and with the exception of B, bordering on tipsy.

Hands begin to wander on my next round.  A pinch here, a slap there.  My buttocks, nipples, and cheeks must be appealing toys to play with.  My cheeks reach a constant state of blush.  This may have resembled a fantasy at one point but I feel a bit overwhelmed and overstimulated.  When the food is gone I retreat to a neutral area and remain on call with the wine.

Not long after Mistress announces that dinner will be served.  I lead everyone to the dining room and help seat them.  Mistress is at the head of the table with Tristan to her right.  Theresa is on the far end with B to her right.  The others fall in between in the available spots.  I begin to serve the courses, starting with a salad.  The conversations stay lively and everyone seems comfortable and happy.  As I present each course I linger within ear shot.  Mistress receives many compliments on the food.  I am happy.

After desert, they prepare to depart.  I'm a bit disappointed I cannot join them, but I have to remember my place.  I'm sure they will be a force of nature at the club and I can only imagine the reaction they will get.  They slowly file out the door and into the limo, laughing and whooping as they go.  The car pulls away.

I meet with B in the living room.  She sits on the couch.  I curl up on the doggie bed.
"fur sissy, isn't that a little informal to do without permission?"
I scamper up and lower my head.
"I'm sorry, Miss B."

She motions to me.
"Kneel over here, fur."

I kneel on the floor near her spot on the couch.  She pets the fur on my hat.  I notice her collar for the first time tonight.  It dawns on me.  B's new confidence makes sense.  She has been a lot more comfortable since her collaring ceremony.  Our shared public experience in the hospital must have galvanized our status.  While we are both subs, her place on the hierarchy surpasses mine.  I smile.  B is very interesting and has been a good friend.

"fur sissy, have you been doing okay?"
"Yes, Miss B, why do you ask?"
"Mistress Theresa said she was a little bit worried.  That some things might have happened that could have upset you."

I press on with my thoughts.  There's no reason to hold back with her.
"Miss B, a few weeks ago I got a little confused."
"Mistress went out for a few days... all day.  The second day she was late returning,  I was worried and I called everyone to see if they had heard from her.  Miss Dominique came by to keep me company while I waited.  Mistress returned very late.  The next day she talked to me and told me I shouldn't be over-protective and that she couldn't have fun if she felt guilty for going out."

"I think I understand, fur sissy.  You felt lonely and worried, but then you felt guilty for worrying?"
"Yes, Miss B.  It's pretty much like that but very confusing.  I don't know how I'm supposed to feel in those cases."

She extends both of her hands and pets my earmuffs.  She slowly slides her hands onto my cheeks.  Her eyes mirror mine.  She leans forward and presses her forehead against mine.  I close my eyes.  She whispers to me.
"Be strong and follow your heart."

B relaxes and reads.  She permits me to curl up on my doggie bed.  I am worn out.  A few hours later the group returns from the club.  Most of them are pretty drunk.  They are all lively and loud.  I serve them champagne.  I overhear bits and pieces as the voices overlap in the room.

"Oh my God, did you see that cute little boy who was trembling when he approached our table?"
"Dom totally scared him off.  I can't believe she grabbed his crotch and said, 'do you think you have the balls to serve us all?'"
"That's so like Dom.  I thought he was going to piss himself."
"Lisa, you're such a chick magnet.  You don't have to be shy about it, they were all flocking to you."
"Can you believe that bald guy came and begged to be whipped?"
"Then Dom hit him once with the whip and he was crying his safe word."

I steal a glance of Mistress.  Her cheeks are flushed from booze but her face is happy and warm.  I smile.  Mistress, I love you.

"Woo, break out the strap-ons, what do you say we go train style on fur sissy?"

I jolt and my eyes open wide.  My body trembles.   I feel a tap on my shoulder.

"Don't worry, they're just messing with you.  We made a game of the best way to scare you on the way home."

I sigh in relief.  After a short while the noise dies down.  Lisa is so tanked she can barely keep her head up.

"Looks like it's time to get going, everyone.  Thank you all for coming tonight.  This was an amazing welcome party.  We should almost make this a regular thing."

The pack slowly moves to the front door.  The limo will drop them all off at home.  I thank each one of them individually for attending.  B gives me a hug.

Mistress and Tristan stay behind.  I see them leaned against the wall.  Tristan's legs straddle Mistress's thigh.  Their faces are close.

"pet, please sleep in the cage downstairs tonight.  You don't have to lock it.  Tristan and I have some catching up to you."

I nod.  My heart twitches.  I retreat to the basement dungeon and crawl into the cage with a small pillow and a blanket.  I feel uneasy.  Is this jealousy?  Or something else?

I toss and turn for what feels like hours.  Finally my eyes grow heavy and I doze off.



  1. Of course I feel uneasy along with fs but I'd probably feel pretty good if Husband went out and had all the fun while I was at home.

    1. True, but it would probably be more fun to be a part of it, wouldn't it?

    2. Of course it would be more fun, just not the same kind of good feeling. :)

  2. Feeling a bit sad for fs...the jealousy would drive me mad. I know it is Mistress' privilege, but still...

    1. Thank you, Nora.

      It would drive me mad as well... or at least make me distraught.

      Take care.