Monday, June 13, 2016

Thoughts on the Completed Arc 4 (Possible spoilers, do not read unless you have finished Part 25)

I just completed Arc 4.

I have a bonus chapter slated that should appear shortly.  You can probably guess what it will be based upon the end of Part 25.

I ran out of gas a bit after writing Part 23 but some comments and a conversation with a reader about how that part ended re-energized me when I realized that questions and impressions I was hoping to give were felt by the readers.

With this arc I wanted to cover two bases.
1. The mental trap a sub can fall into when faced with obstacles that shake the foundation of their world.
2. I wanted Cassandra to be a bit more human.  Aside from a small miscalculation in the first Arc, she hadn't really misread a situation yet.  I figure it's more realistic to have her make a mistake now and then and reinforce that fs understands that may happen.

My "writer's high" that I had been riding for the past few weeks is starting to fade a bit.  I really don't want to force anything.  I'm guessing this may show a little bit in a handful of my recent posts.

It's a good challenge to present a realistic problem in D/s life and then try to find a way of working through things.  Arc 4 was loosely based upon some actual experiences of mine that were unpleasant to go through and left me confused and hurting within them.

I'm still open to ideas for future story arcs if anyone has any ideas or things they would like to see.

I can say that I have really come to enjoy the characters that I have created.  Stretching them out over this long has really allowed me to evolve them and provide an interaction history that really feels familiar now.

Thank you everyone for the feedback so far.


  1. Thank you Fur. I always enjoy your writing. I am glad to see the perfect mistress make a miatake.

    1. Thank you, Miss Lily.

      I figured it was more realistic this way.